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Thread: National Concealed Carry Permit before U.S. Senate


    The above is the Democrat party dissenting opinion

  3. House approves rule for concealed weapons bill

    The House on Tuesday approved the rule for legislation that would require states to recognize each other's concealed weapons permits.

    Members approved the bill in a 271-153 vote in which 35 Democrats voted with every Republican.

    The House moved immediately to special order speeches, and will take up debate on the concealed weapons bill, H.R. 822, and various amendments, later in the week.

  4. HR 822 Being debated on the floor NOW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maine CWP Training View Post
    HR 822 Being debated on the floor NOW
    Is there a live feed available?

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    The dissenting opinion is replete with errors and incorrect statements. More of the same garbage. If the Dems really wanted a solution they would amend the bill to preclude those with certain convictions and require mandatory training. But that would end their argument against guns altogether.

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    Im going to have to side with this is a bad idea. im going to visit family for thanksgiving and fortunately im covered across the four states. Although pouring over all the different state statutes is kind of a pain, but educational. if a state doesnt recognize my permit then like any business that has a gunbuster sign up... Screw 'em. I dont think ant state should be forced to accept another states choice on concealed carry. You can hate me for this but gun ownership rights and concealed carry priveldges are two whole different concepts. I dont want to have california state choices forced on me and I dont want my kansas way of life forced on anyone else. Your states allow convealed carry? Awesome. Your state denies concealed carry? Good luck with that.

  8. HR 822 Passed yesterday afternoon in the House. Now the Senate must act. Call your Senators today!!!

  9. guys we need this law and it not given to anyone to handle. its passive. who they going arrest. the cops for stopping a permitt holder, no!

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