Open-carry puts Auburn shoppers on edge
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Thread: Open-carry puts Auburn shoppers on edge

  1. Open-carry puts Auburn shoppers on edge

    Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011

    Shoppers at Best Buy in Auburn Sunday may have seen a young man in a black T-shirt, hat, sunglasses and camouflage pants.

    But what really set him apart from other shoppers was the large handgun strapped to his hip.


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    Very idiotic article, indeed.
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Very idiotic article, indeed.
    And your signature line is fitting in this thread. Thanks NavyLCDR.

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