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  1. Another Maine Firing Range Under Fire

    Howes in fight of their lives over gun club noise
    October 27th, 2011

    By Gail Geraghty

    WATERFORD — John and Debbie Howe have spent four and a half years and $35,000 fighting the Waterford Fish & Game Club over the “sporadic torment of gunfire” they’ve endured since the club expanded their Route 118 shooting range.

    Seven days a week during daylight hours, they and their neighbors hear bullets blasting apart clay pigeons, police officers target-practicing with automatic handguns and the reports of rifles and pistols being fired. From their farmhouse and 175 acres across the Crooked River up on McIntire Road, a mile and a quarter away,...


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    I read the article and watched the video at

    Maybe it's just me but it didn't sound that bad. Is it the absolute quiet of out in the country with only the buzzing of the bees, chirping of the birds and rustling of the wind in the leaves - no.

    Sounds like the property owners are out of luck.
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  4. The range was there long before 1977.

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    I don't know about you folks, but the sound of good honest Americans gathering in the name of exercising their 2nd amendment rights, well that just makes me all warm and tingly inside. Matter of fact, it'd downright lull me off to sleep.

    Wonder what they're asking for their place...?


    Your reporter Gail Geraghy has distinguished herself by inverting reality in her story about John and Debbie Howe. These rich, out-of-state old hippies knowingly moved next door to a local shooting range that had been operating since 1932. They then tried to impair property rights of others by baseless lawsuits. My only hope is that the Howes were forced to pay for the club's attorney. They are in the "fight of their lives" because they picked that fight.

    Your biased reporter implies we should feel sorry for a former "vice president of engineering in a Fortune 500 company division". This is the kind of guy the occupy Wall Street kids protest AGAINST. However, her poor efforts, snarky writing style and "inconvenient external facts" engendered my instant sympathy for Waterford Fish and Game, and against the elitist, wealthy neighbors from hell. It likewise left me with a bad taste in my mouth for your publication.

    Sadly, rich bullies continue to move here and try to remake Maine in the image of whatever mess they moved from. Your efforts to facilitate this contribute to the economic woes that have plagued this state for the last several decades.

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    People can choose how they feel about anything. These people have chosen to feel unhappy about the gun noise - possibly because they enjoy the support and sympathy of the visitors to their property. They could choose to feel happy for the members of the shooting club because they have a safe place to practice their sport. It would be a pretty tough call to ask all shooting clubs everywhere to base themselves out of earshot of everybody! If the noise was loud and making it hard to converse then they may have a point - but it is clearly, (from the recording) just a background noise and the people are conversing easily.

  8. Gun club president answers noise concerns
    November 3rd, 2011

    By Gail Geraghty

    Staff Writer

    NORTH WATERFORD — Several years ago, when John and Debbie Howe first began complaining to selectmen about gun noise from the Waterford Fish and Game Club shooting range, President John Conti went around with a clipboard to neighbors.

    He knocked on perhaps two dozen doors within a radius of a mile and a half from the Route 118 range.

    “Not one person said they had a problem with the noise. Not one,” said Conti, interviewed at the club property on Friday. “They said they could hear it from time to time, but it didn’t bother them.”


  9. Harassment hearing tomorrow at 9:00 am / Oxford District Court.

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