From experience: LEOs catch a lot of criticism from citizens about response times, and how they feel that LEOs don't care. The reality is that there may be (for example) 16 officers on patrol for 345 sq miles. In rural counties, that might be the same 16 officers for 424 sq miles. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that LE can respond to 3 simultaneous calls at the same time in different areas of the county.
What people don't seem to understand is that LE usually ends up arriving too late to stop a crime. Usually, LE can do nothing but take a report, look for readily apparent evidence, and hope to get lucky. Then LEOs have to run to another part of the county to mop up the next mess.
It really is the responsibility of every citizen to take reasonable steps to:
A: Make themselves a 'hard target' for criminals.
B: Be able to defend themselves and loved one as well as possible (including having a concealed weapon license/permit. A gun usually helps with this).

The general public is lulled into this idea that Superman, Super-cop, Batman, or some sort of guardian angel will appear out of nowhere to save them. The sad reality is that cops cannot be everywhere at once (like on TV), especially when economies are down and cops are laid off, and budgets are tightened. Other things that get tightened up are fuel costs to run the cop cars, mechanics to fix and maintain them, parts for those cars, etc. Many cops wear video cameras on their uniforms to gain evidence in a situation or to cover the officer or the agency from false excessive force suits (CYA). Now cops are buying the cameras on their own money because LE agencies can't afford to provide them, and the cops can't afford to lose their jobs over phony complaints.
Shall I continue my rant, Nightmare? Or should I get off my cheap soap box? I hope others understand what you and I are saying...