Hunting in Maine Woods is Safer Than You Think
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Thread: Hunting in Maine Woods is Safer Than You Think

  1. Hunting in Maine Woods is Safer Than You Think

    Maine hunting safety scrutinized after death, injuries
    Maine falls about in the middle of the pack when compared with other hunting states.

    One fatality and two other hunting-related shooting accidents over two days during the first week of firearm season for deer raised questions about Maine's hunter safety record.

    On Nov. 4, Peter Kolofsky, 46, of Sebago was shot to death while hunting there, allegedly by William Briggs, 61, of Windham. A day earlier, a Portsmouth, N.H., man target-shooting in Casco was shot in the stomach by a hunter. Also that day, a Hebron man was shot in the leg by a hunting companion.


    When ever there is a hunting accident there are always two common denominators, recklessness and or carelessness.

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    Whats to worry about?

    Your chances of getting killed in a car accident are a heck of a lot higher than getting killed hunting.

    BTW don't forget to add stupidity into the mix of causes.

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    I completely Agree with your post. Maine. Is no more dangerous, than any other State.

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