Maine Concealed Carry Laws
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Thread: Maine Concealed Carry Laws

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    Maine Concealed Carry Laws

    I've been looking into getting a non-resident permit in Maine as I travel there a lot. They don't have reciprocity with many other states, not even New Hampshire next door where I have a permit. The Maine State Police Website is very helpful and has a down-loadable application:

    The application is about 10 pages long but it's simple yes/no questions. You do have to send in proof of handgun safety training from within the prior 5 years.

    I'll be sending in my application soon and will be happy to let the group know how long it takes.

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    Maine's reciprocity

    Reciprocity from Maine is severely lacking. There was some legislation passed within the past year or two directing the AG or MSP to look into expanding reciprocal agreements with other states. We hope it happens.
    Meanwhile you should acquire as many as needed to expand lawful carry. Florida and Utah seem to be the most universal.

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    (5) Demonstrates to the issuing authority a knowledge of handgun safety.
    The applicant may fully satisfy this requirement by submitting to the issuing
    authority, through documentation in accordance with this subparagraph, proof
    that the applicant has within 5 years prior to the date of application completed a
    course that included handgun safety offered by or under the supervision of a
    federal, state, county or municipal law enforcement agency or a firearms
    instructor certified by a private firearms association recognized as
    knowledgeable in matters of firearms safety by the issuing authority or by the
    state in which the course was taken. A course completion certificate or other
    document, or a photocopy, is sufficient if it recites or otherwise demonstrates that
    the course meets all of the requirements of this subparagraph.
    As an alternative way of fully satisfying this requirement, an applicant may
    personally demonstrate knowledge of handgun safety to an issuing authority, if
    the issuing authority is willing to evaluate an applicant's personal demonstration
    of such knowledge. The issuing authority is not required to offer this 2nd option.
    The demonstration of knowledge of handgun safety to the issuing authority
    may not be required of any applicant who holds a valid State permit to carry a
    concealed firearm as of April 15, 1990 or of any applicant who was or is in any
    of the Armed Forces of the United States and has received at least basic firearms

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    Does the state of Maine require people to appear in person to receive their permits, or do they simply fill out all the paperwork and send it in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Does the state of Maine require people to appear in person to receive their permits, or do they simply fill out all the paperwork and send it in?
    Fill out amd MAIL IN

    Downloadable PDF application is available at State Police: Licenses & Permits: Weapons Permits & Professional Licensing

    Fill out app, copy your homestate license and attach to application, attach your check with FEE amount
    mail and wait, they are understaffed due to budget cuts so the return has been taking about 2 months
    sometimes you're lucky to get back in under 1 month

    Weapons Permits & Gaming Licenses (207) 624-7210

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    Maine CCW permit acquisition update

    Just wanted to update the group on timeframe for non-resident permits. The State says it takes up to 60 days to process. I applied for mine on June 6 and the permit was issued August 21, so it actually took about 75 days.

    In the interrim, I received no communication that the permit was being processed, and there is no easily found contact number or e-mail address to get a hold of the State Police permitting authority, so I was in the dark as to my status. But it finally did come through, so I am essentially satisfied with the process.

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    As I mentioned in another post, I just sent mine in. I sent three copies/certificates of courses I took through the NRA. As someone else mentioned, there are Yes/No questions. I like the page that You sign allowing them to check to see if You have stayed at the "funny farm" .
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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    Maine now has reciprocity with Deleware and South Dakota.

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