Will LD 380 Make Open Carry A Crime?
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Thread: Will LD 380 Make Open Carry A Crime?

  1. Will LD 380 Make Open Carry A Crime?

    Rep. Drew Gattine is the sponsor of LD 380, "An Act To Clarify the Law Concerning the Threatening Display of Dangerous Weapons", which may have far-reaching effects on the ability of Mainers to openly carry firearms. Read more about it: Will LD 380 Make Open Carry A Crime?

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    After reading the article, the level of ignorance and stupidity on the part of both the honorable Representative Drew Gattine and the "former law enforcement official" make me shake my hand in wonder. This whole "highly publicized incident" could have EASILY been defused by the Portland PD call taker telling the caller "it's perfectly legal to open carry in Maine". Perhaps the call taker could have asked if the gentleman in question was brandishing the rifle about and pointing it at passing cars...because IF HE WASN'T...then there was no need for further investigation. Portland PD was wasting the officer's time sending him out there to investigate someone NOT committing a crime. EEEEEKKK that woman is buying lettuce and tomatoes, quick call the Portland office of the ATF!!!!

    How about USING this and other open carry events as a TEACHABLE MOMENT about the constitutional and legal laws in Maine instead of ginning up fear amongst the populace?

    (Honestly, do these people wet themselves every time an 18-wheelers zoom by their homes?)

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