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    Exclamation Maine Gun Law Proposals

    Well here it comes ladies and gents. PS. Alfond is a tool.

    Gun Control Bills Debated In Augusta - WABI TV5

    Augusta - The debate over gun control legislation in Maine is now in full swing. Public hearings began Monday on more then two dozen gun control bills.

    People from all over Maine began lining up early Monday morning, waiting to have their voices heard on one of the the most polarizing topics in America.

    Members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee began listening to public input on proposals ranging from background checks for gun buyers to limiting magazine capacity.

    Supporters of the legislation point to the killings of 20 children and six educators at a school in Newtown, Connecticut and the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado to highlight the need to act now.

    Dr. Michele Pfannenesteil was born and raised in Newtown and now makes her home in Cumberland. Pfannenesteil said she has friends who were touched by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, and wants to do whatever she can to keep gun violence out of Maine. "There are many ways that we can come together," she told reporters. "In the words of Anna Marquez-Greene's mother, 'until we bury our differences, we will continue to bury our children.'"

    Maine Senate President Justin Alfond's bill bans the possession, transfer or importation of magazines and other feeding devices that carry more than 10 rounds, making it a Class D felony. But Alfond told the committee his proposal would exempt those devices already legally owned by Mainers before the law takes effect. "It will not ban the sale or possession of any firearm in Maine and it will not take away any guns currently in anyone's possession," said Alfond, a Portland Democrat.

    However, for many of those opposed to gun control legislation, Alfond's words were of little comfort. They see his bill, and all others related to gun control, as a first step toward taking away guns. "If you took a constitutional oath, the second amendment is very clear. 'Shall not be infringed', said Blaine Richardson of Belfast, who told the committee that guns and high capacity magazines aren't the problem. "We can put our firearms out on the porch, we can lay them on the lawn, we can put them anywhere you want. I haven't seen one of them get up on its own and harm anyone," Richardson said. "The real question here isn't high capacity magazines, it isn't military, scary looking weapons, assault weapons or deer rifles. The fact of the matter is we have a human problem here."

    Much of the day's testimony was filled with references to Newtown, but opponents are quick to point out the last time a person in Maine was killed with an assault rifle was 1937.

    It's now up to lawmakers to decide how far they want to go when it comes to tightening Maine's gun control laws.

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    It is called incrementalism. This is a tactic employed by tyrants world wide and throughout history. Fight them very hard in Maine...we did in Virginia and we won, at least for now. 10 round magazines will turn into seven round magazines will turn into single shot single action 22's. Ask your kind legislator if his proposal means that it is acceptable to kill ten people, is that his threshold? When he stammers explain to him how to make the schools or other gun free zones safe for everyone.

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    What part of the second amendment is unclear to you morons. I suggest you shut up you no longer are allowed to speak under the 1st, without a mental health background check.

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    Exclamation A week of hearings on anti-gun legislation AND Const. Carry

    See meeting schedule on the NRA-ILA site for Maine:

    NRA-ILA | Maine Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to Hold a Week of Hearings on AntiGun Legislation Starting April 8

    NRA-ILA site also has the names and contact info of those on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

    ALSO....LD 660/Constitutional Carry will have a hearing:

    Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:00 AM

    State House, Room 436
    210 State St
    Augusta, ME 04330

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    Good Luck up there! We tried everything here in CT and look what we got! We are no the worst state to be a gun owner!

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    These proposed anti-gun, anti-self-defense laws are very worrisome even though I'm sure Governor LePage would veto them if they were to pass.

    In addition to doing almost nothing to prevent future mass murders, these proposed laws (especially laws restricting magazine capacity) would make it much harder to defend yourself and your family. This is especially a problem if a home invasion involves more than one attacker. As best I can figure from news accounts, many or most home invasions in suburban and rural areas involve multiple attackers and often include attackers who may not be stopped by a low-capacity firearm. The police and military don't use low-capacity magazines in a confrontation - why should we?

    Even in a suburb, it often takes quite a bit of time for the police to arrive, and in rural areas it takes even longer. During that time, even if you've been able to call 911 before being forced to defend yourself, you're completely on your own. Being restricted to using a low-capacity firearm for self-defense would often make it very difficult or impossible to stop an assault by yourself.

    We need to work with the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation and other pro-gun organizations to send these Maine state legislators home and to replace them with pro-Second Amendment representatives. Laws that we do need include a well-designed "stand your ground" law and a better Maine "Castle Doctrine" law.

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    Update on status of Maine's anti-gun bills - LD267, LD1240

    I was informed by a gun rights organization that these bills (esp LD267) may be introduced for a vote of some sort in the Maine House this week. If so, they may be hoping to use parliamentary procedures to move them to a vote even though LD267 was recently sent back to its originating committee.

    The bills are; LD267 and LD1240. LD267 would disable gun show sales in various ways. LD1240 is a major disaster, with all sorts of anti-Second Amendment provisions as well as very bad reformulations of our existing firearms laws and regulations.

    Below are links that provide these bills' text, their legislative status and the bills' sponsors:

    LD267 (anti-gun show sales, etc)



    SP0100, LD 267, item 1, An Act Regarding the Sale of Firearms at Gun Shows

    LD1240 (a hodge-podge collection of many anti-gun laws):



    HP0874, LD 1240, item 1, An Act To Promote the Safe Use and Sale of Firearms

    It's great that we have Gov. LePage who would veto any such bills, but we don't need any sort of precedent being set by passing the legislature or even being introduced for a vote. Thus I recommend that you contact your legislator and ***especially*** these bills' sponsors to respectfully insist that they not support these bills any further, mentioning that you do not want them to come to any sort of vote in the House or Senate. These bills and others like them do not deserve a vote or further consideration.

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    As best I can follow these bills, one passed the legislature by a close vote, but was vetoed by the Governor.


    We **badly** need to regain control of the Maine legislature or it's just a matter of time until a less gun rights friendly Governor is in office and these and other anti-gun bills will pass in Maine. Once that happens, we may well learn that it is harder to regain rights than it is to lose them.

    I'm sure that the Bloomberg anti-gun machine is active in Maine, too.

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    Any law standing against the constitution is not enforceable.

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