Most LOE's have the same mentality during work as they have at home, unfortunately, this causes most to over-react, especially in situations like this. First, understand the Leo's thought process...1, dispatch says there is a man with a gun, consider time, its 0130 ish. The alleged perp is clad in body armor, and the AR-15 is slung low ready. MY first reaction is, what the HELL is he doing out on the street at that time of morning in that get up?? What part of town is he in, good, or bad?? Just sayin, NOT SMART even if it is legal. Then there is the do as I say, not as I do attitude some officers have. He was carrying the rifle just as any Leo would do for any tactical situation. As for the ammo amount, how much is really enough? When a Leo is prepared for combat, how much do they take in with them?? Depending on the situation, it could swing either way. I am NOT saying there is an excuse for the officers reaction, just a possible explanation. Every weapon is loaded until proven otherwise.