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Thread: Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

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    OK now I am really anxious, my friend applied for his CCP with MSP about 10 days before me. I have been updated on his progress since the first of April.
    We have a very similar situation concerning G&S information.
    It looks like I have moved through the process with about a week gap after him and he just informed me he received his CCP ID today!
    Man this is giving me gray hair…

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    Thats great, I still have not heard any news on mine. I sent my application first week of March and went for interviewon April 16, but have not heard anything since.

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    After posting my reply I realized that I had not checked the mail today so I decided to have a look. I have been expecting a reply from MSP because my application was accepted over 2 months ago. I figured to either receive my permit or a letter of rejection soon.
    Well.....I just received my MD CCP. It is valid until 9/30/14 and has no restrictions. I hope by then maybe MD will have changed to a shall issue state and renewal will be a lot less hassle. It was time consuming and I did collect a lot of documents to back up my good & substantial reason and also a lot of notarizing of applications and witness letters, but I now see it is possible to get a CCP from the state of MD.

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    There is hope in Maryland. I know it’s a mixed bag of anticipation and frustration just to enjoy our rights.
    Even though this is a somewhat restrictive and regulated freedom here in our free state, I am thankful we have the opportunity to apply and hopefully I get the same good news.
    MD will be shall issue soon and that’s good because unlike you, our G&S reason carries some minor restrictions.
    OK 4 hours till the mail comes.

  6. That's good news, but I thought the issue of having to provide a G&S reason was at the heart of the matter. Shall issue is the only real solution, IMHO.

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    Oh yeah you are absolutely right. I’m just not going to be a bench warmer any longer.
    Will be doing everything by the book and participate in the process of changing unjust laws that infringe on our constitutional rights.
    Conceal Carry, 2A Foundation, MSI and Maryland Shooters all good stuff.
    My mail truck just hasn't come yet...well not the one with the letter I want anyway.

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    The G&S reason is the issue in MD. That is what the Fed Judge ruled is unconstitutional, but as of right now you will still need a G&S reason to obtain a MD CCP. When I went for my interview, the Trooper explained that people are now submitting applications without any G&S. These apps. will be returned because even though the Fed Judge made his ruling, nothing has changed while the appeals process takes place. The Trooper did say that he believes that MD will have to eventually change it's requirements for a CCP. They could still put a bunch of BS restrictions on obtaining a permit, but hopefully the answer will be to change to a shall issue state. I am hoping for this because it will make the renewal process a lot easier. I am not positive, but I believe that currently you still need to go through the entire process to renew. I cannot say that I will have the same threatening circumstances in my life in 2 years to use as my G&S reason. That is exactly what happened in the Woolard case and he was denied renewal of his permit.

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    MSP is holding apps received between the Legg's ruling and the date he issued the stay 3-30. They have cashed the checks received with the apps so they are holding them pending the outcome of the stay request.

    Mine is being held.

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    Did you send app. with attached letter of G&S? If not, maybe those are the apps. being held until a final ruling is made, but I would think that is going to be a long and drawn out process. I mailed my app. on 3/5. I believe that is the same day that Judge Legg announced his ruling that G&S is unconstitutional. I would guess my app. was recived by MSP around 3/8-3/9 and then I was contacted for interview about a month later and then received my permit a little over a month after the interview.

    Did they contact you to confirm that they are holding applications at this time?

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    No I did not. I simply used "self defense and all lawful purposes" as my reason to carry. They cashed my check and MSP has stated they are awaiting Judge Legg's ruling before prrocessing apps received between 3-2 and 3-30. Apps received after 3-30 were returned with a letter telling the applicants to either reapply with G & S or wait until the Judge rules.

    check out

    Maryland Shooters

    Several excellent threads on all of this. You should also check out

    Maryland Shall Issue - The Citizens Defense League of Maryland

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