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Thread: Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

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    OK it finally came. what a long project. My CCP came in the mail today with some minor restrictions but this is good. So I applied on 4/23
    had my interview on 5/7 then in my hand on 6/16. The next hurdle for Maryland is to become a shall issue state then the renewal will be much different.

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    well played sir. enjoy

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    Thats Great! I am curious as to what restrictions thay put on you. How do they decide on when to restrict your carry privelage?

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    Between residence business and bank with any combination thereof, this is typical of Maryland restricted permit.
    Hard to get a totally unrestricted unless you go your route Craigzy1 in which case this was not an option for me.
    But the part for me that works is the consulting aspect, and this happens all hours. So now renewal with us going “shall issue” is our next hope.

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    I'm going for the multi state CCW or CCP whatever the other states call theirs, most likely FL because I have all the requirements in place. Swinokur I got like Craigzy1 and started to doubt it was going to happen.
    It is a big adjustment all the things you need to pay attention to, I had to get a vehicle safe for the different places when the only option was to disarm...

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    I have finally gotten pretty comfortable with it. It took a few weeks to get over the paranoid feeling that people were staring. I use a Blackhawk IWB and it does not show at all even with my Glock 26, but I just got a S&W Bodygaurd.380, and with an IWB it is undetectable. You will now go through the obsessive holster buying to find what you like best. I have bought 4 in the last 3 weeks and probably will get more. The winter time will give alot more optons on carrying. It is a good feeling, enjoy it and as always be safe.

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    Same here on everything, but LOL on the holsters, I'm up to 3. I'm trying the Smartcarry deep conceal during the day and Remora IWB evenings. So far this is working.

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    Hey I just got an e-mail from MSI saying "The stay has been lifted" if this holds with no appeal by the state of Maryland to the fourth Circuit Court it will mean we will become a shall issue state instead of may issue. No more stupid and unconstitutional good and substantial clause just to get a permit to Conceal carry. WOW this must be the end times when MD moves from Lib to non Lib....well sorta

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    Maryland State Police Press Release
    07/25/2012 05:01

    (PIKESVILLE, MD) -- The Maryland State Police will comply with state law and the ruling of the courts as the state moves forward on appeal. The most recent ruling in this case, issued July 23, 2012, takes effect 14 days from the date of issuance. In the interim, the State Police will follow existing state law and will apply the standard of good and substantial reason to the review of handgun carry permit applications. We will continue to be guided by legal counsel from the Office of the Attorney General regarding subsequent court action and how that will be applied to the investigation and issuance of handgun carry permits.

    Greg Shipley

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    Don't forger the case is still on appeal to the 4CA and MD can still ask for another stay from the 4CA. It's not quite over yet.

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