Maryland Concealed Carry Permit
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Thread: Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

  1. Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

    Or should I say the lack there of...I can't wait to get to move away from here!!!

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    I won't even apply for a permit in Maryland because I don't want to mark off on another states application that I was turned down for a permit else where. The state is corrupt. Unless you are well connected or law enforcement you are hard pressed to get a permit. Even if you do because of a business, it will be so restricted it is almost more of a liability to have it than not.
    Of course there is always the alternative of carrying like every criminal in the state does. :58:

  4. Quote Originally Posted by boscoman View Post
    Of course there is always the alternative of carrying like every criminal in the state does. :58:
    And the down side to that is if you get caught you'll probably never carry legally in any state again.

    (I'm looking forward to leaving Maryland in the next few yeas too!)


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    I moved from Maryland to Tennessee in September of last year and almost immediately started the process to obtain a carry permit, it was no problem. The thought of having to move back to Maryland at some point and forfeit my carry privileges makes me sick. Maybe I'll consider PA instead.

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    I left MD a year ago next week.......I now live in Nevada.....

    I can go to the hardware store, drug store or any other store that sells guns, pay for the gun, pay for the background check, and walk out with it right then and there!

    Drive down the street to the next gun dealer and do it all over again!!!

    Oh, and Nevada has no problem issuing you a CCW!

    Even though I would like to come back to the east someday, It will be in PA or VA...I will never be a resident of Maryland again, simply because of their gun laws!


  7. I'll be honest, I an not a firearms expert but I am a Maryland resident and it truly infuriates me that my state ignores our right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. What part of "shall not be infringed" do they not understand?

    I've actually been thinking of applying for a non-resident permit somewhere, mostly out of protest of Maryland's policy. Can anyone recommend a state for this?



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    Utah and Florida....
    Pack your bags, were going on a guilt trip!

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    I was gathering information needed to figure out what I needed to do to obtain a CCW in Maryland, and after reading what you've posted here and some other sites, I think it would be a huge waste of time and money. Really sucks that the state of Maryland definitely "infringes" on those who really want to carry for a good reason. Thanks for the info though.

  10. I wonder how long it will take for the criminally pre-disposed to realize that the safest place to apply their trade is the "almost non-issue" states such as Maryland and New Jersey? I feel like we are being corralled into a “soft underbelly” for criminals. Are there any statistics gurus out there who might uncover such a trend? Do certain types of crimes decrease in states where CCW permits are more likely to be issued? Do they increase in states where they are not?
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    Will (bearthehair),

    I recommend you apply for a non resident PA permit (through the Centre County Sheriff's Dept). I am a resident of VA, and I have my resident CCW here - I got the PA permit to be able to carry throughout the SouthEastern states (believe it or not, the good ole boys in GA don't honor my VA permit... inconvienient since I visit family there often.) Those two permits won't solve your problems in Maryland however, but at least you'll get a couple to get started with if you decide to travel. The PA permit came in 7 days...VA took about 45.

    Good luck brother... and screw Maryland...

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