S&W Bodyguard 38 cal.
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Thread: S&W Bodyguard 38 cal.

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    S&W Bodyguard 38 cal.

    I am looking to buy a smith and wesson bodyguard 38. just wanted to get some feed back from people that own one.

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    I bought one for hiking and backpacking. I've shot just 100 rounds. No problems whatsoever, but the trigger pull is long.

    oops - I read "380" instead of "38"

  4. S$W Bodyguard

    The BG has always been my favorite S&W carry gun. I carry the Airweight in a small cloth holster in my jeans or dresspants With the high grip its a natural pointer, and you have the additional advantage of being able to manually cock it.For special occasions I wear the stainless version in an ankle holster. I alternate with 4 other S&W snubbies but only 1 day at a time. The bodyguards are irresistable. All of my snubbies have CT lasers.

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    thanks for the feed back. i just bought one saturday and am looking forward to shooting it.

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    Should have gotten a Glock 27 instead.

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    i have looked at the 27, nice gun. that might be my next one.

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