No such thing as an "Assault long gun" in MD?! :D
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Thread: No such thing as an "Assault long gun" in MD?! :D

  1. Wink No such thing as an "Assault long gun" in MD?! :D

    • 񘂍01,
      (b) 揂ssault long gun means any assault weapon listed under 5101(r)(2) of the Public Safety Article.

    ok, let's look up 5101(r)(2) to see how it's defined there...

    • 񘕷01,
      (r) 揝econdary sale means a sale of a regulated firearm in which neither party to the sale:
      (2) is licensed by the federal government as a firearms dealer;

    there's a list of regulated firearms in (p)(2) above (r)(2), but (r)(2) ain't (p)(2).

    • d) 揂ssault weapon means:
      (1) an assault long gun; --> unicorn: fabled, non-existent
      (2) an assault pistol; or
      (3) a copycat weapon.

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    What the hell does any of that crap mean? They do not even know what they are talking about. Total idocy and stupidity but it plays well with thie idiots who vote for them. These liberal bast***ds are stark raving mad now that the sociopath narcissist is in the whitehouse. Md, is now an asylum run by its inmates.

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    And, bare in mind, Maryland's Gov. O'Malley want to run for President as a Demoncrat. He will be every bit a bad as Obama or Hillary to America. Maryland wants to be the California of the east.

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    Want to be Calif. east? they already are!

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