Fire Breaks Out at Beretta Gun Factory in Maryland
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Thread: Fire Breaks Out at Beretta Gun Factory in Maryland

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    Fire Breaks Out at Beretta Gun Factory in Maryland

    Officials say they received calls about the fire at the Beretta USA Inc. plant in Accokeek early Monday. They say flames started in a building attached to the main plant. The fire extended to the roof of the main building, causing part of the roof to collapse.

    No one was injured.

    Hazmat crews also responded because officials say there are chemical products at the plant that are used to make firearms.

    Officials are investigating what caused the fire. Damage is estimated at $250,000.

    Source: FoxNews

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    No injuries, minimal damage... Thank GOD!

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    Berreta was pretty pumped at the Shot Show because the Army decided to buy an additional 400,000+ M9s for the inventory.
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    I go here all the time and didn't know this. I will ask the follks there next time I go back.

  6. What criticl chemicals(hazmat???0 are used to produce firearms??? The plastic box or the plastic grips. Is this another example of media or gov agencies run silly?

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