Will MD issue a non-resident permit?
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Thread: Will MD issue a non-resident permit?

  1. Will MD issue a non-resident permit?

    We travel through MD now and then. It's the only state we ever find ourselves in where my TN in not honored.

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    MD is may issue or as I call the State "may die". You need to be very politically connected to get one.
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    yes they will. I have one and live in WV. I am a maryland corrections officer. I can tell you that you need to explain why you feel you need one. not all corrections officers get them. we are not sworn law enforecement officers. they do however issue to non residents.

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    Like thread above me says you have to have connections or a written notice from god himself

  6. Quote Originally Posted by brodrick View Post
    they do however issue to non residents.
    Shocked!!!! Glad they do, but given the difficulty of getting one as a resident I'm truly shocked!
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    I don't think God's word or Jesus standing next to you would be sufficient.

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