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    Thanks to all and USA carry.....although I had a LTC years ago 70,71,72,73,74.....had to go to the police station in Weymouth ,got interviewed by a lt. Detective and deputy chief,I let the LTC expire ! Now I have a CCP from the state of Florida ,of which I am a resident, mass does not recognize it! So I need to apply for an out of state not want to break any laws! Went to a local office of GOAL(gun owners action league) ,for some help....they said I needed to get a copy of my background check,a completed fingerprint card,a letter from my county sheriff describing my good moral character,a copy of my gun safety and proficiency certificate,a passport sized photo,a copy of my current Florida permit,and a completed Mass application form,plus $100.00. Then go in person to the DOJ in Chelsea ,ma in person to submit all of this!!Then .....wait until they call me ,or notify me ,to come back for an interview! They said it may take up to six months !!! All of this for a one year permit,the do it all over again,to renew it!!!
    GOAL FAILS once again! This is why I'm no longer a member.

    You Do NOT need a letter from your Sherrif, that's only for VT Residents and people living in US Territories. Your FL Permit will suffice.
    You do NOT need to get yourself fingerprinted, the wonderful people in Chelsea will do that for you.
    You do NOT need to do your own background check, again the FRB will do that.
    You do NOT need to get a passport photo, again the FRB will take your picture
    You do NOT need to hand deliver it to the FRB in Chelsea!

    Yo DO need to provide a firearm safety (NRA) certificate from a MA State Police Instructor though!

    You MAIL everything in to the FRB and they will contact you for your "interview" when you go for it you will be fingerprinted and have your pic taken. When they have nothing better to do, your LTC will be mailed to you.

    All the instructions are in the application

  3. Recently received my Class A LTC from Southbridge MA. Had no issues and was fairly quick about it. Detective did prefer ink fingerprints over LiveScan though.

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