Massachusetts CCW issues by town
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Thread: Massachusetts CCW issues by town

  1. Massachusetts CCW issues by town

    Since CCW in Massachusetts is regulated differently by each town's Chief of Police - I thought that this thread might be helpful to others if we all shared our permitting experiences and success (or denial) stories.

  3. Mashpee/Falmouth

    I moved from Falmouth because the Chief was openly anti-CCW, he's now officially being replace - let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Mashpee was a very pleasant experience - after filling out the requisite paper work, I was interviewed by a Detective, fingerprinted both electronically and ink and set off on my 45 day waiting period while the State Police ran my background check.

    From my experience and conversations with other gun owners, as long as you follow the regulations and answer the Detective as "vaguely" and professionally as possible (and pass the background check) everyone who applies for - usually receives a CCW Class A Unrestricted for All Lawful Purposes..
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    Green usually issues LTC ALP

  5. Wow!

    I guess that summarizes things easily! Where did you come across that map?
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    I'm from Oxford and received mine in 4 weeks from the day I turned in the paper work.
    They were extremely helpful with scheduling and what not.
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  7. Color coded listing of all towns/cities in MA

    Hey jsm2k1

    Thanks for starting this post. Back when was up and running, they had a section similar to this, but instead of a static map, they had a list of every town/city in MA that users rated according to the experience they had while trying to acquires their LTC's. Green towns were friendly and permit was easy to get, black were unknown and red was difficult. I suggest we start something similar so people have a single point of reference for this extremely useful information. We can either continue in you post, since the title of your original post is exactly what i was looking for when i came here looking for that information. What do you guys suggest? Is there any way to make a posting open to be edited by anyone? That way, people can keep updating the list. Holla back so we can get this going!!

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    MA LTC's

    Never a problem in Bourne! The fact that Falmouth's Police Chief was so Anti actually kept me from buying a house there back in 2000. Glad I stayed in Bourne and bought here. Happy to be Bourne in The USA!!!!


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    I was living in Wakefield and got my in 4 weeks. I live in Peabody now and have been hearing things on renewals either being denied , or a class A unrestricted being dropped down. I guess i will find out in 2 more years.
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    I got mine in Malden, MA. Class A LTC
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  11. I got mine in Scituate, had to show a need to obtain the Class A. Otherwise they're just hunting and target.

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