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    Reporting move

    I read through and saw the thread about moving within the state, and went to but my computer suddenly stopped opening PDF files for some reason, so I'm just going to ask;

    If you move out of assachusetts to another state, do you still have to report the move to assachusetts? and what if you moved your guns into CT?

    Appreciate any help. Thanks
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    By "reporting the move" are you referring to a MA carry permit? If so, yes let MA know. That way they know where to send your renewal notice to.

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    Thanks for the reply, sorry took so long to get back I was sent away to work.

    No. I'm talking about FID. I have come across this guy on another forum who has an assault and battery conviction and was told in MA he could not posses any guns. I keep reading disturbing posts by him about stock piles of ammunition, hand guns and modifying rifles and shotguns to assault weapons and neighbors cats being shot, and when the cops showed up at his door he denied any weapons in the house. Now he has moved just over the border into CT.

    I met this person once and he seemed like he was from the shallow end of the gene pool then. He sounds like he could be dangerous now. I just keep thinking about things that have happened in the past and it riles me up when I think that there were all these warning signs, and nobody said any thing, and it gnaws at me. Should I be saying something to somebody, or just mind my own business? Would CT be interested that he moved there with a weapon stash and a conviction banning him from owning guns here?
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  5. Not sure if there's anyone to tell.Maybe, jusst maybe, if you know the town he moved to, you could tell the local cops, but I don't believe there's anything they can do without any real proff.
    Until he tries to apply for a permit and gets denied, or gets caught with them I'd say that's about it.


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