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    Don't forget to factor in ammo cost. Nothing sux more than having a nice gun and not being able to shoot it as often as you'd like because ammo costs too much.
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    Ammo cost has been a big factor in my decision. I decided to go with 9mm and also just put money down on a new mp 9. Got it for 469 plus I get the s&w rebate or 2 magazines. Thought it was a good deal.

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    OLdOwl is right on the ammo cost part. I figured you would reply Dmelectrician.

    You might as well start with something you will shoot more. There are a lot of forums and discusssions on what caliber to have and it is a broad choice with a few strong choices.

    My wife started with a revolver, she did not want all the motions and controls to load, put into battery, or unload a pistol. She later shot some pistols from friends and wanted one. We got her a used 9mm Ruger to start, pre-ban high capacity. In short order I got one for myself. I later followed with a .45 Ruger for myself. We have a lot more 9mm ammo.

    Enjoy the new pistol.

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    Thanks for the information guys, Ill let ya know how everything works out..

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