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    Firearms schools

    Hi, I have been looking around for an approved course and decided to go with mass firearms school. My question is how come some classes are 4 hours and some other classes are 10 hours.. Both, as far as I can see, offer the same certification. Did I make a good choice in a school and do police departments judge anything on the school you attend or just make sure you have the cert. Thanks

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    The only thing they look for is that the instructor is mass certified. I took a 4 hour class at bobs tactical range in salsburry. $100. Took the class on sat, had my interview the next thursday.

    Lots of training is a must for a firearm owner/ carrier, but not to get the licence. I was broke so choose the cheep way out

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    thanks for the reply. hopefully everything will work out with the license and i can find a more in depth course for firearm safety..

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    A few years ago the course requirement was changed and has to be an authorized course. There are many to choose from and they differ in length. You can pick from more than one day or all in one day. The longer ones may let you shoot as well. If you have not done it already, you can find lists on MA sites. They have to cover the basics, from an approved instructor.

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    thanks for the reply.. i actually took the class a few weeks ago and awaiting my LTC..

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    Dmelectrician, good job. Enjoy the LTC when it arrives. Opens up lot of purchase opportunities.

    I got a renewal this month.

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    Yea im pretty excited for it.. Now I need to figure out what I want to buy.. So many decisions..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmelectrician View Post
    Yea im pretty excited for it.. Now I need to figure out what I want to buy.. So many decisions..

    I'm a MA certified instructor. I always tell my students, if you want help choosing a gun's let me know. Nobody listens. Go to a range or join a club where you can rent different guns or ask members if you can try some of theirs out. Seems people ALWAYS want you to try their guns out. I see so many people waste money buying the wrong guns over and over.

    After you try out a lot, ask yourself if you had to live with just ONE, which would you buy? Work your way up from there. I have basically four guns which will cover about every situation, hunting excluded.
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    I agree with OldOwl. Unless you already know what you want or have already handled some that you liked, try out some from other people.

    Start with something and very few end up with one. As a start you would want one for target practice and one for concealed. And if so, shoot the concealed one at times for practice and feel.

    Again, if you are already far along in trying or knowing about different ones then you can be quicker to the next step. If not, then the discussion is a revolver or not to start with.

    If you are tight on money, do not forget a used revolver or pistol is an option.

    As you get going you find out there is no universal handgun.

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    Thanks for the advice guys.. I have held a few that really feel good in my hands, but haven't shot them yet. My plan is to get a firearm for the range first, practice my shooting a little and then pick up a concealment gun once I feel Im ready. Probably wont be to long though, I can already tell this is gonna be kind of addictive.

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