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    OldOwl, she likes the M&P 15-22 rifle. Here is the MA compliant page, Product: Model M&P15-22 Rifle (Compliant)

    She has a friend that is a dealer and he said this is one to add to the collection. Easy to shoot, one note though. It is fussy about ammo brand and lists some in the manual not to use in it. And it is true. I tried some on the list and it would not cycle all the time.

    Her favorite .22 rifle typically is a Savage bolt for accuracy and plinking. She used to shoot the 10/22 a lot as it was easy and you can shoot one off or rapid. She has a lot of .22 choices. She'll mix them up. We put a scope on the M&P 15.

    More .22 shooting than higher calibers with her the past two years with the tough economy. Lot of people have been doing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannan View Post

    More .22 shooting than higher calibers with her the past two years with the tough economy. Lot of people have been doing that.

    True dat buddy. I haven't shot my S&W 40 for so long. The ammo cost is BRUTAL! It was cheaper to add on the longer barrel to my Walther P22 to target shoot with. The short one screws right on in two minutes to carry again with stinger ammo. The Walther had the same problem. Very fussy about what rounds you shoot and after sending it back to the factory for the second time on MY ticket, and it STILL not working I got them on the phone and they asked me "Did you oil the slide?" Seriously? I ship it to you twice on warranty and you supposedly test it and send it back A OK and didn't oil the slide?

    So. Hi velocity ammo and a clean wet slide matter a lot.

    I tricked out my 870 and am in the process of bringing the Weatherby 300 mag up to sniper grade. I'll probably play with the 10/22 after that.
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    I forgot to mention. I stopped in the local gun shop yesterday, and there on the wall is a brand new 12 Ga pump with a folding stock and extended mag. so, evidently the law only applies to semi auto weapons.

    I also noticed a 50 round banana clip advertised in a magazine which will not ship to assachusetts. I'd say that's because they didn't make them before the ban even though the gun was made then. All they had before the ban with 50 rounds was the drums. Starting to figure all the baloney out.
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    OldOwl, that is right, baloney in various ways. Lot of people won't go to a show or store in ME, NH, VT as examples because they can see things they can't buy new. There are some that don't mind window shopping. Pre-ban AR's and compliant ones are not cheap.

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