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    Living in NH I sometimes fly out of Logan. The last time I was at the airport I approached two of the Mass State Police Officers that where working in the terminal. I asked them if I was allowed to travel to the airport with my pistol unloaded and in a case, and then bring it into the terminal and declare it in my checked luggage. Well they acted like no one had ever inquired about this before. ( I also told them that I did not have it with me on this trip but needed to know as I would like to travel to Florida & Michigan with my pistol). They ended up calling at least three other Officers. The most common response is that if I do not have a Mass CCW card ( FOID ? ) I can not have a pistol in my possession in the Great State OF Mass. Now these guys are Mass State Police. You would think that they would know better than that. I do not know all the laws but I do know that I can travel across the country with my pistol unloaded and locked in the trunk. One response was that " maybe" I could. So does anyone have the skinny on this for me. Things are much easier flying out of Manchester, NH but flight selection is limited and costs more. Thanks, NH

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    I'll try and ask the gun law experts I know here in the state.

    I swear, that the gun laws here are designed to entrap not protect, the legal gun owner.
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    I can see Logan from my house across the bay. I fly out of RI TF GREEN whenever possible.
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  5. MassPort Firearms regulations (Logan-Hanscom-Worcester)

    you have to dig pretty deep - but here it is - emphasis added -

    Note that the airlines (American Airlines' policy below is used as an example) do not require ammunition to be carried separately - hence it appears that MassPort came up with that on their own...

    Current through September 4, 2009, Register #1138

    30.04: Firearms, Ammunition and Dangerous Weapons

    (1) No person except federal or state law enforcement officers, United States Postal Service, United States Customs and Border Patrol, Air Carrier employees approved by the TSA, members of the Armed Forces of the United States and Massachusetts National Guard on official duty and licensed armored truck service guards with the prior approval of the Authority, who are authorized and validly licensed to carry Firearms, ammunition and explosives in Massachusetts, shall carry loaded or otherwise operational Firearms or explosives on the Airport. All persons shall, promptly upon entering the passenger terminal or General Aviation Terminal, as the case may be, deliver any unloaded Firearms and ammunition, as they are carrying and licensed to carry under Massachusetts law to the appropriate Air Carrier agent for transport in the hold of the aircraft, in the case of commercial flights, or directly to the aircraft, in the case of general aviation aircraft. For transport on an Air Carrier aircraft, the Firearm shall be delivered to the agent of the Air Carrier and shall, at all times while on the Airport, be unloaded and contained in a locked gun case; ammunition shall be stored in a separate container, all in accordance with all applicable state and federal law. For transport on a general aviation aircraft, Firearms shall, in all instances be unloaded and either fitted with a trigger lock that dis-ables the trigger or disassembled for shipment or shall be otherwise rendered unusable by removing the bolt or otherwise disassembling the firing mechanism, as applicable. All ammunition shall be stored in a separate box or bag.

    (2) No person, except federal or state law enforce-ment officers, U.S. Postal Service, United States Customs and Border Patrol officers, members of the Armed Forces of the United States and Massachusetts National Guard on official duty, or other Persons authorized by the Authority or TSA, shall possess either on the individual's person or in her accessible Property within a Sterile Area of an Airport, any item or material prohibited by federal transportation secu-rity regulations (including but not limited to 49 CFR Part 1540, 49 CFR Part 1542) or any TSA regulation, standard, order, directive or other published guidance from being carried onto an Aircraft in commercial service.

    <General Materials (GM) - References, Annotations, or Tables>

    Mass. Regs. Code tit. 740, 30.04, 740 MA ADC 30.04

    740 MA ADC 30.04
    American Airlines Policy (Example)

    Transporting Firearms And Ammunition

    Note: American Airlines does not accept firearms in checked baggage to/from the United Kingdom (except for military/government personnel with proper documentation).

    The information shown below pertains to travel within the United States only (unless stated otherwise). For information on the transportation of firearms and ammunition to international destinations, please contact Reservations.
    General Information

    * Firearms and ammunition are accepted as checked baggage only.
    * Firearms will only be accepted if unloaded and in a locked, hard-sided container only (for example - rifle case. TSA approved locks are now accepted).
    * Ammunition in its original packaging from the manufacturer is preferred, however it will be accepted in fiber, wood or metal boxes, or other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition. Loose ammunition or clips will not be accepted.
    * Firearms may not be checked curbside.
    * No one under 18 years of age may check a firearm.
    * Pellet and BB guns are not considered firearms, and therefore, do not require any special handling or documentation.


    * Maximum per case is three rifles/shotguns or five pistols/revolvers, ammunition, shooting mat, noise suppressors, and tools. There is no limit on the amount of cases allowed.
    * Ammunition is limited to 11 lbs./5 kgs. per passenger.
    * Charges may apply based on the number of checked bags in addition to oversize/overweight charges. Visit the Baggage Allowance page for more information.

  6. No doubt that Mass is a difficult place for anyone that wants to own or carry a firearm. Hard to believe it is the birthplace of the American Revolution. So, the way I read what Producer kindly posted for me is that if I am not licensed in Mass I can not carry ( in luggage) my firearm to the terminal to check it in. QUOTE]and licensed to carry under Massachusetts law[/QUOTE] This is deffinitly confusing. So if I was to go to Africa or Alaska hunting, or down to Florida on vacation, I would not be able to fly out of Logan ( least with a declared firearm in my checked luggage). Please let me know if I have mis read this. Thanks again, NH

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    I believe that you have misread it. In layman's terms, (which I am) what they want you to do is immediately bring fire arms to the security gate and check them in SEPARATELY, gun locked in a steel box, ammo in another. NOT mixed in with your other checked baggage. The reason for this is, they open the container, put an RFID chip inside the box and lock it again with your lock. Now, when it goes through the electronic scanners on the rest of its journey the scanners detect it as being already inspected and in compliance. Typically, there is a sign at the security line saying "Check firearms here" and when you get where you're going I don't suspect your gun will be on the carousel either. You'll have to pick it up at a designated security spot.
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    You need to dig a bit deeper. You cannot drive into MA and stay, as you are not legal in MA. You can drive through MA with it locked, empty. CCW in MA does not require you to lock it while you drive, you can carry loaded with MA CCW. You can bring a handgun into MA empty and locked if you are going to event, such as an organized shoot and you bring a document indicating the event.

    You can check long guns and handguns in the airport and pay to have them travel in baggage. There are TSA and individual airline limits on how much ammo and how many guns. Has to be locked, wtih your locks. You check them at the ticket counter, they want to see they are empty and locked. You re-lock them in their presence and they take them from you. You get them at the destination airport.

  9. I have flown out of Manchester and checked my pistol. I simply followed the carriers directions which was unloaded in the a hard case ( the original hard plastic case that my Rock Island 1911 came in ) with the ammo in its original packaging inside the locked case with the pistol , using my own TSA approved padlocks. I simply declared it at the counter. They had me open the case , she looked at it and had me close it up. She then placed the red declared firearm card in my bag. I then locked my bag and she put it with all the other checked luggage. I did make sure that my name , address and cell number was on my bag incase anyone had any questions. And yes, when I got to Florida it was on the carrasel / conveyer belt (?) with all the other luggage. The whole thing was simple and painless. Actually easier than I thought. I am comfortable with Manchester but as any of you can imagine I do not want to do something inadvertadly illegal. The last thing I want is to start a trip at the counter in Logan with the attendant screaming " he's got a gun! , and the State Police not sure if I am legal or not . I will look into this further as I do not want to wait until the next time I fly and then have to decide if I can take my pistol with me or not. NH

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