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    Do you need a licence to have long fingernails in MA?

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    Does that apply bear repellent as well in MA?

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    Carry a squirt gun with 60% water and 40% ammonia, good for bad dogs on four legs as well as two legs.

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    Yes you do need a license for long fingernails in Ma. It costs $100 and there is a four hour class with a test.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by mshean View Post
    Yes you do need a license for long fingernails in Ma. It costs $100 and there is a four hour class with a test.......

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    All of this nonsense has been brought to us by... The liberal left and the F***ED up interpretations of the 2nd Amendment with regards to what "Arms" are.

    Can't have a stun gun here by the way... They limit the size of a pocket knife blade. They want to ban 4LOCO, but the socialist liberal governor who went to school with the socialist liberal president, thinks it would be a good idea to give the illegals drivers licenses and cheap or free educations...
    There was legislation begun this year H4102 that would limit the purchase to 1 firearm per 30 day period and do away with private face to face sales by means of the FA10 form. All sales would have to be conducted through a licensed dealer/FFL.

    I'm sure that if you look up the word infringement in a dictionary, the map of Massachusetts would be used as an example...

    Hence my signature...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Only the aware or desperate have pepper spray in MA since licensed gun owners can have it, otherwise someone that just wants pepper spray has to do the paperwork and you can imagine how many just give up.

    You have to show the license to buy it, they are not displayed as freely as in other states.

    It is the age old story about more liberal locations where those that want it in a hurry, are some that voted for people that made it this way!

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    I might start selling box cutters from beneath my trench coat on all the campuses in Boston. They are legal to conceal, easy to obtain, inexpensive, can bring down a 757 aircraft, so should be more than sufficient to defend one's self in a dark parking garage, circumvent current MA gun laws, and will prevent all these poor kids trying to get edumacated from having to choose between being victims or law breakers in assachusetts. Maybe eventually the legislature will say, "Gee, maybe there'd be less be headings on campuses if we made mace/pepper spray more available." Just a thought. We need to get rid of these liberal politicians. People are starting to wise up but not fast enough.
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