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    It's getting crazy

    They have us right where they want us. Cowering in the corner, and almost nobody has the balls to speak up or fight back. Manchester by the sea, didn't that used to be Lynn?

    YouTube - Wife Calls Cops On Man Preparing For Martial Law In Massachusetts

    Here's another guy from Arlington! WTF? assachusetts is going down in flames.

    ‘1 Down 534 To Go’: Blogger’s Gun License Suspended After Threatening Post | The Blaze

    Will the last conservative to leave please turn the lights off?
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    You would never know by the emotional charge of the video that pepper spray and tear gas grenades are non-lethal! I was waiting for a 31 round magazine to be protruding from the weapons table for further emotional drama.

    I could see him being commited to a psychiatric hospital, based on the heightened and somewhat misguided fears people currently have, but don't see where he broke the law. However, he probably does not have to break the law to lose all his weapons if he gets hospitalized. Not knowing Massachusetts law, my closest guess to a law violation might be an super loose interpretation of reckless use of a weapon and a super vague terroristic threats charge. But then again, there is a chance that his spouse was misinterpreting things. When I worked in mental health crisis in suburban Philadelphia, it was practically a guaranteed commitment approval by the county if there was mention of a gun in the documentation.

    Speaking of a lack of "guts," could this be another situation where everyone involved willingly looked the other way for the past 9 months? If people are that scared of the amount of items he had, would they not have been just as scared with half that amount 4 months ago? There's a piece of the story missing here. Based solely on what was said, I would have a real hard time letting the guy go without care too. Maybe this is the full story, or maybe it is just a misinterpretation based on misguided fears. I would be curious to know if there is further information on this guy and what happens to him.

    If I had money, I would bet that this will be another case where the media will overlook the individual's mental health and go right for the second amendment's jugular.

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    “It is absolutely, absolutely unacceptable to shoot indiscriminately. Target only politicians and their staff and leave regular citizens alone,” 39-year-old Travis Corcoran — who owns a comic book store — reportedly wrote on the blog.
    I don't think the guy should ever be allowed near a firearm again. If he isn't insane he is extremely stupid.

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    "They were glad to have this amount of weapons off the street"

    Didn't see any on the street. Private individual owning private property in the privacy of his home.
    Agreed F-O-T, there's a lot more to the story then Cops to the Rescue. Just can't believe there was sufficient PC to obtain a warrant. OF COURSE, we are talking about a State that allowed someone to drown a pregnant woman in his limo then reelected him how many more times?
    Massachusetts state motto - "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty" Irony here or is it just me????
    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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    I can't figure out what the guy did wrong?? What's the law on possession of non-lethal grenades?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    I don't think the guy should ever be allowed near a firearm again. If he isn't insane he is extremely stupid.
    And again there you are being judge and jury. I like the fact that he had the balls to write what he was thinking. Again, Who really cares what you think? Go back and re-interpret the 2nd Amendment for your own liking...

    Unless you may have written something that nogods would consider "extremely stupid"...

    Sure, we can just lock people up or infringe on their rights for speaking freely, but not committing any felonious act...

    NOGODS for president 2012 "Your rights, the way I say they should be"... Sure I'll have one of those stickers on the window of my truck..
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Wife is getting her revenge for her husband spending all their [his] money on guns and ammo instead of shoes and purses for her. If I am worried about someone having a lot of weapons I would raise the flag long before she did. Really judge it just became uncomfortable when he bought home his 300th gun /rifle. If he stopped at 299 then I would still feel safe but due to the 300th weapon I just don't feel safe any more.

    To me this all seems like BS. The only thing I see that would give them cause to take away his weapons is him building a shooting range in the house without getting the proper permits needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post

    Sure, we can just lock people up or infringe on their rights for speaking freely, but not committing any felonious act...
    Funny how Rockwell and the communist party carried signs in the 60's saying "We will kill all the Catholics, niggers and Jews," and the police had to protect them from the crowds of citizens wanting to tear them apart. Might be a double standard? Francis Fox Piven is calling for violence, asking where is the outrage and the crowds of angry people rioting in the streets? Remember, she's not the senile decrepit fossil she appears to be. The progressives will use every opportunity to create civil uprising. It's all part of a plan my brothers, and we mustn't fall into it. They're going crazy because their bottom up plans aren't working. We're all Americans. Find the common ground and work together and as they always have in the past, they will slink back to the shadows and we will get back to the business of fixing America.
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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