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Thread: Pro Gun sign on Business!

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    Pro Gun sign on Business!

    I was google-ing a gun ban sign for a response to a thread and came across this, A PRO gun sign on the entrance to some business, no clue where it is but AWESOME!!! I'd encourage all 2A supporters that are business owners to support the cause and get one of these up at your business. What an opportunity to attempt to correct people backwards views on carrying, and of it makes them mad.........who cares

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    I forgot what city, but it is a bank in Texas. The bank is a small local bank with only a few branches, if my memory serves me right. I saw it on one of the other pro-gun forums that I am on.
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    Love it--just love it. Wish it were in NC. I would transfer to it in a heartbeat. Only trouble is in NC you cannot carry concealed in a bank--Open yes. Doesn't make good sense to me but the state voted demoncrap last election--go figure.

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    As soon as I open my brick and mortar part of the biz this sign WILL be posted!

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