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Hi I will try to help you but you are fighting a losing battle. With all the issue's that have come up on campus's nation wide the issue of concealed carry on STATE UNIVERSITY'S has been on the fore front and alot of people have been making the point that if there where provision's allowing CCW on campus's then there would be fewer attacks on persons walking late at night and the best argument lately has been that if that guy that shoot up the campus a while back had even one person confront him that did have a CCW permit then the killing spree woulf have ended much sooner then it did. Typically the rebuttle is that most CCW permit holders are not trained to protect themselves or other in high stress situations(combat envirnment) where the loss of fine motor skills is lost, tunnel vision, auditory exclusion just to mention a few. The fact is that nearly 60% of police that are shot are shot with there own guns and they have recieved a minimum of 40+/- hours of weapons retetion training, having been a patrol deputy I know what it is like to have to fight for your life to keep your weapon in your holster if someone "goes" for your gun. Even with all the safe gaurds built into a duty holster it is still a lot of work to keep it in there when you have someone punching you in the face! With-out the acadamy training and Marine corp training I would most likely be dead. The average CCW permittee has had ZERO WEAPONS RETENTION TRAINING and in some case's they cant even hit what they are shooting at!! The other issue is that State University's are STATE PROPERTY just ast the capitol or any other state office. The fact that a CCW permit DOES NOT allow ANYONE to carry in such building's is the biggest thing they have on there side (be very glad that they have not charged you with a felony weapons charge for doing so) so the major issue lies with the state laws as to the limitations of CCW permittee's can carry where. That his why I say it is a uphill battle, before any "policy change" could take place first the state laws would have to be changed because the Chief of campus police(Local PD has no juristiction just like the capitol building but the campus police will sometimes ask for assistance) could have a outer body experience and say yes but the state laws would over-ride any policy in place at the universirty level. Now dont get me wrong I am a LIFE member of the NRA and a certified in structor of all but one course the NRA offers, I have NRA Instructor rockers(indicates each cousre a instructor is certified to teach) going down my sleeve 9" or so it is a bit ridiculous, but... I am a huge carry advocate and I feel that everyone that is legally able to carry should and that permit should be valid nation wide (a current bill in senate now, its been there since 2006 called HR 4547) so I am truely on your side but unfortunitly the law isnt. I hope I answered your questions and if you have any moe then just shout out. I wish you the best in this battle.

So tired of the "CCW'ers have no training" excuse.
Just because the law doesn't mandate it doesn't mean it isn't there.
I have grown up with guns, served years in the military, served in Iraq, and spent years in LEO. I have more "trigger time" than most cops have, not because it is a requirement for a CCW. Anyone who wants to train will.
Why is it that no anti's ever ***** about how little training muggers and murderers and rapists get in handling a firearm? You never hear the reasoning that people don't need CCW or second ammendment rights because crooks don't have to go thru training certification. Fact is, most cops SUCK when it comes to firearms training. They go shoot at the range once a year because they have to to remain certified.
Case in point, you can't count the number of times you see in the news where cops fired 60 rounds at a suspect and hit him four times, crap like that. Yet a teenager can fire 16 rounds from a 9mm at the school and hit 15 people. The difference the kids were "gun nuts" and trained, trained, trained.
I know all about the tunnel vision and the loss of fine motor skills, but I also know that you can TRAIN to compensate for this. It isn't anything any law abidding gun-toter can't train to overcome if they have the desire (and money) to participate in training classes to overcome it.