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Thread: Is Massachusetts now "restrictive may issue" like NJ and MD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctktmrider View Post
    Is this true? My non res permit is useless in Philly?!?
    It is a scenario that will have to play itself out in court, but understandibly, being the test case is probably not on anyone's top 10 list. Pennsylvania State law requires municipalities to follow the state law and the measure below violates that statute.

    I will have to look into this further, but I think the City of Philadelphia only wants to allow resident permits, meaning that if you live in Utah, then they will accept a Utah permit as valid.

    The city council passed the measure because they were frustrated with what they call the "Florida Loophole." Basically, with Philadelphia trying to be "may issue," they were getting frustrated with Philadelphia residents getting nonresident permits after being denied a Pennsylvania permit in the city.

    It's another example of a place denying rights where they are needed most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by father-of-three View Post
    Go with what 6shooter said (I love the "Give peace a chance" statement!) It does not sound like Massachusetts is as strict as New Jersey, but that doesn't mean they won't compete!

    The only Pennsylvania county that tries its very hardest to be may issue is Philadelphia. The gun-hating city council there recently passed a law prohibiting nonresident permits in Philadelphia, even though passing such a law violates the Pennsylvania Constitution.
    I said that to someone in a conversation about unconditional peace. I got one of those looks and some laughs... Oh well..
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Until recently, anyone with a permit from his home state (or any other state) could easily obtain a Pennsylvania permit through the mail from the sheriff of Centre County. No fingerprints, no picture, just the standard questionnaire, though it might have required a basic pistol course. Basically just a computer printout, the permit was inexpensive and good for 5 years, but it took care of any questions about Philadelphia or nonresidency. I got one last year, and it doesn't even say "nonresident" on it.

    However, Pennsylvania has now gone to a fancy permit, complete with hologram, so you have to appear in person to have your picture taken. I don't know whether they require fingerprints, but they say they'll mail you the permit. So it's easier for somebody from Alabama to get a PA permit than it is someone in Philadelphia!

    In terms of Philly not honoring permits, Omaha, Milwaukee, San Francisco, and some other cities have tried going against state law, and the state attorneys general (or the courts) have shot them down. Pennsylvania also says on its website that they do not distinguish between resident and nonresident out-of-state permits. If you have a Florida permit, it's good in PA no matter where you live. So in Philly you're probably OK, though you might be hassled. Believe it or not, open carry is legal, and Philly police who recently harassed an open carrier had to admit that they were unaware of the law. Great, huh?

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