*Cowardly Thug Shoots Unarmed Veteran In The Back*
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Thread: *Cowardly Thug Shoots Unarmed Veteran In The Back*

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    Angry *Cowardly Thug Shoots Unarmed Veteran In The Back*

    An absolutely chilling cell phone video taken by an unidentified witness shows the final moments of a military veteranís life, CBS Boston reports. Stephen Perez, 22, who served two tours of duty in the Middle East with the U.S. Army as a sniper, was shot to death following a late-night brawl that erupted during a night out with friends in Bostonís Theater District last April.
    The video shows a confrontation arising after a woman said something to Perez and his friends, kicking their car as they were trying to leave. Perez responded and said something back, which prompted an all-out brawl between two groups of people. The fight was brutal ó several punches were thrown, many connected.
    In the video, a man can later be seen retrieving a handgun from his waist, holding it steadily as he finds his target.

    New Cell Phone Video Shows Last Moments of Army Vet Stephen Perez and Alleged Gunman Pedro Castillo | Video | TheBlaze.com
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    wow hope they find him
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    What a cowardly little punk wannabe This guy stands around while everyone is brawling and then decides to be a 1 upper and shoot this guy in the back..... What a chicken sh1t move!
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    Find him,bring him back, put him in front of a military firing line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmb61 View Post
    Find him,bring him back, put him in front of a military firing line.
    ...and let them do it without the guns.

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    Prayers to the victim and his family. May they catch this *********

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