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    How can you tell when they were manufactured? I don't see any stamps on any of my 10 round mags. I don't see the big deal really. It takes a second to change mags and there's no law against how many you can carry.
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  3. Ban on hi-cap magazines

    MGL Chapter 140 Section 131M - Assault Weapons Sales Ban - bans the sales, transfer or possession of assault weapons or large capacity feeding device not lawfully possessed prior to September 13, 1994.

    This law was not affected by the lifting of the Federal ban. In other words, you can buy, sell and possess the stuff in other states, but not in Massachusetts.

    In case you have never seen a "ban-era" (1994-2004) hi-cap magazine - it has engraving on it - "For Law Enforcement Use Only" - etc., etc. Very easy to spot. Post ban hi-cap magazines have no such markings, and in many cases would require an expert in that type of firearm to determine if they are pre-ban or post-ban. (Meaning the magazines that were designed along with the firearm to fit into the grip of firearm. Rifle box magazines are also covered.)

    Authoritative individuals have suggested that this law (post-ban hi-cap prohibition on magazines that are identical to pre-ban, legal mgazines) is perhaps unenforceable (the possession charges you see in the media are almost always for those who don't even have a permit.)

    Due to the convoluted and poorly understood Mass firearms laws, perhaps hundreds, if not thousands, of firearms owners who have moved into the state since 2004 probably have lots of now-legal-elsewhere "ban-era" magazines and post-ban magazines, not knowing they are illegal here. After all - in many cases the only difference is the date of manufacture.

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    Just wondering. How can you tell when a mag was made?
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    As mentioned when the federal ban sunsetted, MA passed their own law.

    New guns in MA have a capacity limit. You can buy older guns while they are still out there either from a private sale or a dealer. You can still find them, though you pay more.

    MA also made it more complicated in 1998 and created 2 classes of licenses to carry, LTC A and B. A is the one to have, you can carry concealed and you can have high capacity. Class B, and an FID card for long guns don't qualify to have large capacity.

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    Sorry, I saw elsewhere it was described right. Class B license to carry allows ownership of non-large capacity handguns but you cannot carry. You can also own large capacity long guns. My error.

    GOAL, Gun Owners Action League is an organization to join for MA. Here is a good summary of different licenses. http://www.goal.org/Documents/law_faq_pdfs/howdoi.pdf Here is another one about some general verbage on what is high capacity. GOAL's Handgun and Long Gun Sales Info Page

    Here is one that talks about large capacity and "assault weapons". "Assault Weapon" Facts and Information for MA Residents

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    Teufel, did you wind up moving back to MA? I'm about to pull the same crap and move back from VA, if you moved back already how'd the LTC process go?

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    Most people in MA keep their hi capacity mags for when they come to collect them, from what I understand.
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    Old Owl, you can still get the magazines. You can get them individually or with a used gun. They just have to be certain vintage and you have to have the right permit to own them. See a dealer or gun show and you will see choices.

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