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Thread: Mass. Conceal carry laws and regulations?

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    I don't think I could lose my accent even for open carry....
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    My Boston accent would be the hardest thing to loose ....but for open carry I could loose it !!

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    Places Off-Limits Even With A Permit/License
     Courthouses
     MGL 269.10 (j) elementary or secondary school, college or university
    Part I. Administration of The Government
    Title XIV. Public Ways and Works
    Chapter 90. Motor Vehicles and Aircraft
    Chapter 90: Section 61. Logan Airport security zone; access; penalties
    Section 61. (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law to the contrary, as a
    matter of public safety and security, there is hereby created a security zone bordering the General
    Edward Lawrence Logan Airport that shall include the area between the mean high water line of said
    airport and a line measured 500 feet seaward of and parallel to said mean high water line from Wood
    Island Basin to the easterly end of Jeffries Cove as shown on a plan entitled “Plan of General Edward
    Lawrence Logan International Airport Security Zone” prepared by Massachusetts Port Authority
    Capital Programs Department, April 2002.
    Massachusetts Environmental Police Boat and Recreation Vehicle Safety Bureau publish an Off
    Highway Vehicle Brochure which states this under Prohibited Operation:
    “Operating with a loaded firearm, rifle, or shotgun.”
    Note: So it looks to me like even if you have a Massachusetts Permit/License to Carry, even a No
    Restrictions Permit/License, you can not carry when on an OHV. This would also include Snowmobiles.
    Mount Greylock State Reservation (Found in Hunting Regs for Greylock)
    Hunting is allowed within Mount Greylock State Reservation with appropriate license(s) and/or permit(s) in
    season, from Columbus Day (October) through May 20. Hikers and pets on leash are recommended to wear
    blaze orange in a conspicuous manner during the hunting season. No Hunting or firearms are permitted
    within the War Memorial Park, a 0.75 mile radius from the War Memorial Tower.
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    Anyone have an idea where to find a general source of where you can and cannot carry your firearm in Massachusetts? I know our laws are pretty unclear but would like some type of reference.

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