Pre-ban AR-15 30rd Mags
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Thread: Pre-ban AR-15 30rd Mags

  1. Pre-ban AR-15 30rd Mags

    I am looking for several Pre-ban AR-15 30rd Mags. Anyone have any idea where any can be found? Thanks.

  3. Pre ban?? Just go to the store and buy all you want.

  4. If it was that easy I would have done it. I can not find any in stores near me. That is why I put out post to see if anybody could point me towards someone who did have them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maine04619 View Post
    Pre ban?? Just go to the store and buy all you want.
    He is in a Massachusetts, so any magazines manufactured after 9/94 have to be gimped down to 10 rounds.

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    Time to add FireMarshall Bill to the block list.

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    Most magazines do not have a manufacture date on them. If it is steel, with no mfr date then when was it made? I there are a few gun stores in the Worcester area that sell them often. Usually about 35 to 40. I have a bunch of 20 rnd mags so I have not bought any. I know a person who went to new Hampshire and bought a bunch of steel 30 rnd mags and brought them here. I guess it would depend on your poker face if asked?

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    Have a friend in another state by them and ship them to you. The friend might want to leave a return address off the box. I know several people who have done this.

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    How does one prove with certainty that a mag was made before 1994? Just wondering since they don't have serial numbers.

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    How does one prove otherwise? I'm pretty sure the plastic ones are all new though.

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    When you are talking about "pre ban" magazines, are you talking about the ones that are marked, "For Government And Law Enforcement Use Only"? I believe those are considered post ban.

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    If you are not "government or law enforcement " they are illegal. This is where common sense plays a pretty big part.

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