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  1. Question about a prior offense

    Seven years ago I was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. Just wondering if this is something that will cause a denial of my application for a license to carry. This one time was the only time I have ever been arrested. Also wondering if a Hunter's safety education from another state will help at all. Thanks

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    Yes it can and probably will cause the denial of your permit.
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    Going to depend on your state laws and the classification of the crimes you were convicted of. The hunter safety is probably worthless even without any previous infractions.

    If you specify the state you live in might also lead to some more accurate responses.
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    As XD advised, it depends on your state. IN IL, the newly passed legislation allows for 3 DUI offenses before automatic denial kicks in. There is an appeal process; however the governor who is notoriously anti-gun appoints the committee members so I am not expecting many appeals to be approved. Also there may be a time limit. A person who got busted back in the 70's but want's to apply today, etc... Again check your local state authority.

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    Have you tried purchasing a handgun? If that goes through, generally your permit will too.

    As other posters have stated... not knowing where you are from and which state you are trying to get a permit/license from makes it impossible to give you any solid information. You also don't disclose specific charges against you (whether it was felony possession, misdemeanor, etc.).

    Another point... trust little of the legal information you get off these threads. Some is spot on, some is fairly accurate, some is a bit gray, and some is out right wrong. Verify and check everything and then consult a lawyer.
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  7. Thank you for the replies. I have just moved to MA from CO. The only charge that wasn't dropped was DWAI-D. And I have purchased a rifle and a handgun since that incident.

  8. i live in ohio and appealing a ccw denial due to a paraphnalia charge 13yrs ago so it could deny a permit

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