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    I am not a lawyer, but my understanding is that while it is not technically illegal to ship ammunition to Massachusetts, the state Attorney General has a policy of harassing those companies that do to the point that it just makes more sense for them to adopt a policy of not shipping to MA. I have heard rumors that there are some companies that will ship to MA, but trying to get a random person on the internet to reveal them to you is unlikely to happen, there is a little bit of (perhaps justified) paranoia about sharing that information with someone you don't know in real life.

    I have had ammunition shipped to me, but only as part of a larger order that included C&R rifles. I doubt that made a difference, but I have no experience having ammunition shipped without a rifle in the same order.
    I been trying to find out if legale to buy on line. A hunter i work with told me it is. Said he gets his ammo from cheaper than dirt. but just because a company will send to you doesn t mean you can t get arested for it so?? i know of some one who was buying drugs from company on line and got arested. the feds mail cops arested him. so i want be sure before try it. would lose gun lisence if make mistake like that. wtf going on with ammo shortage any ways?? why so hard and exspnsive to get .22 amo??

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    Ummm...again, probably not, depending on who you order from. Best bet for cutlery is to purchase from a seller on Amazon.com or Ebay- neither sites seems too concerned about where/what they ship and to where. I'm guessing their "catch-all" policy for "Buyer being responsible for following their local laws" covers them legally.
    I was in on a custom FG42 build from a shop in TX and had to back out because of our AWB here....bummer.
    Concur - most online knife sellers no longer sell if you list a Mass address, and that includes, if you can believe, tactical pens. Amazon Prime to the rescue.

  4. I'm just getting started reloading. I was given a RCBS ammomaster loader. I spent the last 3 weeks trying to get supplies. The 3 gun stores I frequent were not helpful or carry no reloading supplies at all. I ended up getting power, lead, and primers (CCI300 large pistol primers must be made out of unobtainium) from Kittery trading post. I also found powder and lead at Shooter Outpost in Hooksett NH. Both also have a decent selection and good price on ready to shoot ammo. It's sad we have to leave the state to purchase such things.

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