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    Wayne's Weaponry
    251 Laurel Street
    West Boylston, MA

    This is a "mom and pop" gun shop. Wayne has a huge steel building on his property. Bottom half is a garage. Top half is a gun shop, stocked with an assortment of new and used firearms, along with a pretty comprehensive selection of ammo and accessories.

    Always 2-3 boxes of used holsters, which he sells dirt cheap.

    Also on the property are 3 pretty basic and casual ranges (one pistol, two rifle). No charge for customers to use them.

    These guys are awesome. Highly recommended!
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    Quote Originally Posted by llama View Post
    Valley Sport Center **NOW CLOSED**
    155 Northampton Street
    Esthampton, MA 01027
    hrs. 0800 to 1800 weekdays

    Good staff, helpful, knowledgable and good prices. Stock is not large for handguns, but often find some nice ones at good price! Will order MA. legal weapons on request.
    NOTICE, 9/2010: Valley Sport Ccenter has closed its doors ... I understand the ATF made it less costly for the owner to go out of business than defend against two alleged paperwork infractions in court, regardless of the outcome of same. (This fits A.G. Holder's growing reputation for making guns less available to the legitimate buyer by hounding small gun shops out of business on minor infractions. Those shop owners usually close as they find they cannot meet the cost of legal defense against the resources the U.S. Gov./Dept. of Justice.)
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    looks like this is no longer operational.... "Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center temporarily closes; felon illegally took target practice there 3 months before fatal shooting" Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center temporarily closes; felon illegally took target practice there 3 months before fatal shooting | I called the number there and it appears they are not re-opening the center.... thanks to a couple of morons !!
    Quote Originally Posted by redsoxfan View Post
    Smith & Wesson Shooting sports center in Springfield (Also a factory gun shop, gotta love the performance center stuff)

    AAA Guns in West Springfield (Excellent staff, owner, service, inventory and they treat you right when trading in unwanted/unused guns)
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    the link is no longer valid....
    Quote Originally Posted by robmcd View Post
    Paladin Firearms is New Marlborough, MA (southern Berkshire County. A small, well stocked store, plus a complete service shop. Often has unusual and collectible firearms. Paladin is a division of West Engineering, a noted race car manufacturer and upfitter.

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