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    I teach courses allowing people to :

    *apply for their Massachusetts Resident or Non-Resident LTC or FID Card (LTC-002 and LTC-007).
    *apply for their Utah, Maine, or Florida Non-Resident LTC

    I have my certifications as a Massachusetts State Police Certified Basic Firearms Safety Instructor, Utah State BCI Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor, and NRA Certified Instructor & Range Safety Officer.

    I choose to have smaller size classes because I want to ensure that a person feels comfortable in class and receives the personal attention they deserve for something as serious as firearms safety. Safety is paramount!

    For more information or to contact me, please visit my website homegunsafety.

    You can also join or renew your membership for the NRA if you do not already belong to stay on top of what's happening with firearms and politics, 2 topics near and dear to all of us!


    Mike Burchman

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    Firearm safety awareness

    Hello Mike, I checked out your website, very nice, keep up the good work. Sincerely,
    Mark Shean

  4. Mass Gun Permit - NRA & MA State Police Certified Instructor

    LTC-007 Course for pre-requisite certification necessary for LTC Class A/Class B gun permit application.


    That's right, I come to your home or office to give the class. Full information can be found at my website:

    You can also visit my Facebook page for lots of gun-relevant posts at:

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