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    Mass non resident renewals

    Hi. I am a Ct resident and I recently got my "tempoary" Ma LTC. As many of you know I need to renew this each year. Fortunately I don't need to renew in person every year anymore thanks to a change in the law in January 2017. My question is do I need to retake my Mass firearm safety course every year to submit with my anual renewal? I tried emailing the state but they seem to have blown me off. I've heard about Mass being extremely slow for renewals and read alot of recomendation that I send in my paperwork as much a six months early just to keep my permit current. So. Do I need to retake the safety course every time I renew?

  3. No, you do not need to "retake the safety course every time you renew". The safety course is just needed for first time applicants. I would include you certificate though, just to be sure. See for details. They do a surprising good job of outlining all the requirements and procedure. Item number 4 "Firearms Safety Course: First time applicants must submit a copy of a certificate showing completion of a
    Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Course. " clearly states that only first time applicants need to submit a copy of the certificate.

    I sent my renewal in in December 2016, so I am going to have to have the in-person interview, unfortunately. Will be nice to avoid that for the next 6 years now that the January 2017 change was put into place requiring an interview only every 6 years.

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    Thanks! Yeah. I wasnt looking to driving out the Chelsea every year just for a 30 minute interview. It would make more sense to make it a day trip and just spend the day doing the tourist thing in Boston.

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