Registering Pistol in Massachusetts
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Thread: Registering Pistol in Massachusetts

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    Registering Pistol in Massachusetts

    Understand no Massachusetts firearms dealer can not sell a under 10LB trigger pull pistol. Can a pistol purchased legally outside Massachusetts be registered using E-FA10 form. Example person who lives part of year in one state where he legally bought thru that states firearms dealer a 6.1 lb trigger pull pistol. Return to Massachusetts and register it as required by law within seven days.

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    A few q's up front.
    Can you LEGALLY bring in any pistol to MA and then get it registered? (Or virtually any firearm?)
    Is the pistol original or trigger modded to lessen the pull?
    Is that pistol from away sold in MA in a 10lb trigger?

    The reasons I ask is would the pistol, if modified, still be legal in MA. If not, and it is used in a self defence situation, you'd be in a heap of trouble if they checked the pull weight. A friend of mine, a lawyer, owns a 'ski house' here in VT, and is having a ball buying and modding weapons of all sorts. But, he will not return to NY with ANY of them. He is allowed to own virtually any legal gun here, enjoy it all day long, but always leaves it in the VT safe when he points south. Drives him nuts.

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    Read GOAL | Handgun and Long Gun Sales Information. Guns sold by dealers must have mechanisms that preclude an average five year old from operating the handgun, such as requiring multiple motions or a ten pound trigger pull. MA residents are free to modify the trigger pull and resell the gun. An out-of-state transfer from a private seller and would need to run through two FFLs for the transfer. If you bought it yourself out-of-state a resident of that state, that's an entirely different legal issue. From GOAL | Licensing information for Gun Owners moving to Massachusetts:

    There is no law specifying that you must report to the state or the local licensing authority what firearms you already possess, i.e. filling out an FA-10 for your current collection or submitting a list to the local police.
    You may want to contact an attorney if you plan to purchase out-of-state as a resident of that state.

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