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    haha PRMA has a bad rep huh? Its all good. We arn't all bad down here (I would like to concider myself different than my PRMA fellow folk). I will say, PRMA is a hughe OBAMAMAMA state. We are a huge dem backing state. Hopefully we can change that
    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambo42xa View Post
    I agree on the bullying part. I myself alone hate working in MA. because of all the crap BUT the pay is more over there. I grew up in MA., and of course have seen many changes, just like anywhere else. I'm about 18 miles north over the MA/NH line, and on weekends......forget it! ALL MA. plates! Stocking up on beer, cigg's, you name it they buy it.
    I sure as hell don't miss their excise tax that's for sure. Their gun laws SUCK BIG time. All they do is make new laws but not enforce them. What the hell happened to the One Year in jail automatically if caught with a gun and not being legit? What the hell, no state is perfect nor is anyone perfect. That's like saying, MA. drivers can't drive". There are alot of people who cannot drive PERIOD! Yeh, there are things "they" do that I shake my head at, but I just look the other way. I am one person who does not make the eye contact and steers away from all confrontations.
    You know, I think I totally lost your original question...or was there one?? I don't know, I'm just rambling on, and on. Don't mind me
    LOL Na i had no point i was just rambling for the fun of it. I have no problem with people from any state coming up here to shop and have a good time. It's just fun to ***** to your self about out of stater's helps keep the day moving. I do however have a "HUGE PROBLEM" with the trash and thugs who come to our great state and commit crimes and rob/stab/shot and harm people. Now I'M not saying that NH does not have it's own share of thugs and dirt bags who want nothing more out of life then to sell drugs and be a player. I'M also not saying that our trash does not cross the board and do much of the same crap that other states trash does in ours. It's just nice living in a city that you know most of the people and can tell if something does not fit. Hell my city is getting to big and I'M thinking of moving the family to a small town to get away from it all. But have no fear I'M in no way a out of stater basher who tail gates and flips off anyone who is not from our state.


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    On a side note i did see something really funny in my local WalMart the other day. I saw a young man who was mentally challenged and in a wheelchair and on the back of his wheelchair he has this huge bumper stick across the back. That read as follows ' I don't brake for Yankee fans" it was made all the more funny because it was on his motorized wheelchair and not on a car.


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