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    New Purchase

    Well, have to give those guys down at North Shore Firearms kudos. No pressure to buy, good selection, and lots of people with knowledge. It seems I always have a good experience there. I picked up a Ruger MKIII 22/45 Stainless for the first purchase. Want ease back in to it with something that will not break the budget. Had a MKII years ago. Accurate and reliable firearm. Looked at some used shot guns and had all my questions answered with no rushing. Also, a budget plan that will not break the bank either. Will get my business again.
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    Great for you. I've heard Others on here chime in on their repor with North shore.
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    way to go man! Nice purchase. I have one only mine is blue finish. I love it. Northshore Firearms rocks! I love going there. Always a pleasure stopping in there.
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