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    Go to Northeast Shooters forum, look up the town in question and they will tell you the latest on what the chief issues. Don't guess. You do not want to be denied, it is on the record after.

    For handgun in MA, 2 choices. Class B, you cannot carry it. Class A, you can carry, have high capacity and more. FID is for long guns only. MA is shall issue on long guns, discretionary on handguns. Decided by the chief in the town you live in, or perhaps in the town you work in.

    Figure out the plan before you do anything for her.

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    The forum will tell you the latest, and they color code them as a summary regarding LTC Class A.

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    I put the following up on another thread. Hoping to get more feedback here. Thanks.
    I just got my non-resident permit from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.
    Don't congratulate me just yet! No offense to anyone from Mass.
    I have my resident permit from Pa. and non res. permits from Fla. and Conn.
    When I went for my interview in Mass. I thought they would ask me important questions about what the responsibilities were and some questions about Mass. law.
    I gave my reason for wanting a carry permit in Mass as... "for all legal purposes" (as recommended here). I may have made a mistake by stating my reason was for "all legal purposes including but not limited to future training and self protection". I think that is what I stated in the application. I will check on that wording for sure.
    The guy that interviewed caught me off guard and said that I should elaborate on that on the application or I would get a restricted permit. I told him that I wasn't threatened and then wrote on the app. that I would be in Mass frequently ( I hope that I put that I had two kids now living in Mass and would be there visiting a lot.)
    Then I wrote that I considered it my responsibility to be able to protect myself, my wife and my family and now that I am older I have physical limitations. ( I can do more then most guys half my age! ) I felt I needed to say more then it should be my right to be able to protect myself and did not mention anything about the 2a.
    The letter says that "enclosed, please find your Massachusetts Non-Resident License to Carry Firearms(LTC) .
    The permit says in the green stripe >>> Non-Resident Class A Large Capacity Temporary License to Carry Firearms (M.G.L.c.140,131F)
    Where it says Restrictions: Target and Hunting
    So cheer me up and tell me where to go from here. I will renew along with another $100 in eight month so that my current License doesn't expire.
    What to do? Just say All legal purposes.(which the interviewer said I needed to give more reason) and just add Personal Protection! Or do I give the litany that I have unrestricted LTC from 3 other states and feel comfortable being able to take on the responsibility of being able to protect myself in those states and would like the same ability to protect myself in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!?
    Make my day with solid advice and thank you for your help! I need it.
    BTW my daughter's BF who is a resident just put for "all legal purposes" was interviewed by his local Sheriff and got his full carry permit.
    So for all practical purposes please give me some info what this license entitles me to be able to do in view of the fact I am a non-resident.
    For the most part would it be useless to me? I don't hunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by osmosis View Post
    All lawful purposes is no longer accepted....

    Use these in this order:

    Carry large sums of money
    Protection of Life and Property
    My mother had her interview on sat in Topsfield. All lawfull purpose is what she wrote and was approved

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