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Andre Macon is the Chief Instructor of Semper Fi Firearms Training. As a United States Marine he served as a Marksmanship Firearm Instructor. He assisted all branches of the Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and fellow Marines with firearms and advanced weaponry. He trained military personnel to enhance their firing techniques and to increase accuracy capabilities to defend our country.

Now as a National Rifle Association (NRA) Instructor, Macon has perfected his knowledge of the fundamentals of pistol shooting and essential firearm safety. Semper Fi Firearms Training offers a variety of firearms training courses to accommodate your needs and current skill level. Semper Fi Firearms Training also offers beginner courses through advanced level courses for the more experienced student. We even offer private sessions to identify and address a student’s individual needs with positive results.

Macon is an Appointed (NRA) Training Counselor, which is one of the highest Honor of Achievements you can recieve. An NRA Training Counselor is an NRA member and an experienced, active NRA Certified Instructor who has been appointed by the Director of NRA Education & Training Division to train new NRA Certified Instructor candidates. The primary role of the Training Counselor is to train experienced shooters to teach NRA Basic Firearm Training courses as NRA Certified Instructors.

NRA Instructor Training Courses teach candidates how to teach firearm saftety and shooting skills to others using the NRA instructional methodologies and training materials. In conductiong these courses, Macon will guide the instructor candidates in the practice of the training process. The NRA Instructor Training Courses do not teach shooting skills. The possession of basic shooting skills is one of the prerequisites for attending an instructor training course. Semper Fi Firearms will be offering these courses soon in late March 2012 or the beginning of April 2012.

Additionally, Macon is a certified Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) Instructor. Semper Fi Firearms Instructors offer various PPCT focused self-defense courses designed for the everyday working citizen, as well as for security, military, and law enforcement personnel. This method teaches students to control assailants by applying as little as 2 pounds of finger-touch pressure to selected pressure points on the human body. This method also teaches controlling high-level resistance with defensive counter-strikes, which produce motor dysfunctions and controlled stuns.

Lastly, Macon is a Pre-Paid Legal Associate. Semper Fi Firearms provides vital links for legal services to protect yourself, family, and property.

These services include:
Trial Defense Legal Services
Preventive Legal Services
Motor Vehicle Legal Services
IRS audit services
Identity Theft Services

Pre-Paid Legal Services has many more benefits, including 24-hour access to legal representation in case of emergency situations, (ex. if you shoot someone while exercising your right to self-defense).

Semper Fi is a Latin term used by the United States Marine Corp. meaning ‘Always Faithful.’ Semper Fi Firearms Training will always be faithful to the commitment of providing comprehensive training for the protection of you and your family. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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