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03-08-2009, 07:08 PM
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  1. DagnyTaggart
    So, most people in this thread have said that TSA locks are not allowed, at least one person has said that TSA locks should be used. Can anyone point to an official document which indicates if there is a requirement either way?

    I just flew American Airlines from PHX > CVG by way of ORD with my firearm in a Pelican 1450 case secured with TSA locks even though they're so flimsy I think I could break them off using nothing but a screwdriver. I nearly had a stroke when my firearm didn't come off the conveyor but the case showed up in CVG on the next flight, delayed for some reason but otherwise intact. The airline had a courier deliver it to me at my destination but I was very worried for several hours.

    I've heard horror stories that neither TSA nor any airline will allow an unsecured/unlocked firearm case to travel, and if your locks are damaged or removed for any reason you lose your firearm. Because I've had TSA cut locks off of my regular bags for absolutely no reason whatever, and because I know they'll use any excuse possible to illegally loot, plunder and confiscate anything, I included 2 non-TSA Master locks inside the case with instructions to re-secure the case using them if necessary.

    I'll be traveling back on the 12th via the same route, CVG > ORD > PHX and was planning on using the TSA locks again because I thought it was a requirement. I'd like to use something sturdier if it's allowed, has anyone got a definitive written source of info on which locks are acceptable?
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