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  • just dropping by to say hi and nice guns you got there in your profile avatar too..just curious how did you come up with the name 'fat crotch' is that where you pack your pistols or ya just happy to see me
    heheh peace
    Yea, I love my slim hog too. I've noticed that not to many people even heard of Para. The only problem I had is I'm my 4th set of custom grips, the exotic wood i was using has a lot of grain in it and they kept cracking. I've grown up shooting Colt Gold Cups, but the Para is a lot easier to carry
    I like your avatar. Great grouping. I'm shooting to the right, and when I compensated, I pulled left. Not down so much as just sideways. Maybe with practice. Not even through my first box of ammo yet. Still very new, just getting started.
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