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About Justin M. Trefney
I have the greatest family ever. My father recently passed away but before he did he built a foundation for the coming Trefney dynasty. I have a loving and wise mother, two of the best younger brothers anyone could ask for, and the sweetest baby sister. (well she is not a baby she is 18 but she'll always be my baby sister)
I start my day off 4am not because i have to but because i want to. Yes i am a morning person you can email me your hate mail my address is right above.
I like rap in the morning, pop during the day,country in the afternoon classical at night and big band any time but when I'm in my car I listen to books on CD unless I'm on the highway then I like to listen to LUDACRIS- move 8!+*#
I own a few business
-J&A National Rentals
-Trefcorp Distribution
-Better U DISCovery
-Personality People
I'm elected in Livonia county
I can solve the rubix cube in under a minute
I enjoy adding up the numbers in addresses as I drive by ( is that weird?)
I am not ashamed to ask for directions when I am lost. luckily I never get lost I just take the scenic route every once and a while
when ever I come to a traffic light its green
I have googled everyone I have ever met so I probably have googled you
I've never had the chicken poxs. Prolly because I have a wicked awesome immune system.
I don't scare easily but I love being scared
I am always online (give me a poke or a message and I'll prove it
I think a lot sometimes to much
I know tons of useless facts
after 12 years in school I still get fiction and non-fiction mixed up
I hate clocks with hands or the ones that go clockwise
I actually enjoy going to church
there is nothing better then the smell of the air right before it snows
I don't really like sleeping its a waste of time
I never have done drugs and never will and I don't hang out with people who do
I am often sarcastic and witty
I would rather use Benjamin Moore over Behr paint any day
I thank God every day for spell check
I hate when people leave me a voice mail on my cellular unit that says "hey give me a call when you get this" I have the missed a call feature and I will call you back
when my mom decides to show all my friends my home videos of me when I was 7 dancing around in my underwear to the teenage mutant ninja turtles theme song I'm not embarrassed I'm proud that is an amazing song and I am a sweet dancer
I'm a big astronomy geek
I have lost a few friends to drunk driving so please don't add your self to my list give me a call I will come get you
I love to swim
I have industrial saran wrap in my car just in case
I have the best jokes but I laugh wile I'm trying to say them and that pretty much kills them
here is a corny one for your enjoyment
"Whats long and yellow?"
give up? its corn on the cob. ha ha get it a corny joke I crack myself up sometimes
I seek revenge (hence the saran wrap)
My record is 1,500 push UPS in one day
I am an amazing listener
pasta salad is my BFF
I am always smiling :)
I don't care what my parents say I like talking to strangers
I plan on running for governor of Michigan and for president one day check out my facebook group Justin Trefney for President
thats about all I can think of its a little random and not organized which is going to drive me crazy but I'm a slow typer so I'm no typing it out again
State / Location:
Business owner
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All Firearms:
AR-15, Shot gun, and more :)


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