llama's Album: People and Places, Here and There

People and Places, Here and There

  1. Maples In the UP
  2. Keweenaw Bay, smoking!!
  3. liban/lebanon - a beautiful country when not being shot at!
  4. Greece: A commercial shot, reminding me of time there
  5. Ice Cave: Not me,  but like the color and reminds me of -50F days!
  6. Caption
  7. Sunshade
  8. OverYuGo (by moonlight)
  9. Lake Superior stormfront, not my photo but very sobering if you know "the Lake"!
  10. Ice wave in Straits of Mackinac
  11. View off Escarpment, Eritrea
  12. Convulvus & Bearded Grass 018
  13. View past Locomotive 027, Eritrea
  14. Amsterdam canal
  15. bacteria, cheap
  16. Rara avis - A quiet street in India
  17. Bus to nowhere, Asmara
  18. Eritrean landscape
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