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Austin Texas Concealed Handgun training by Robb Hamic

Summit self-defense teaches HaganaH FIGHT, the evolution of all Israeli martial arts. This reality-based system is designed to teach effective self-defense in a short time. HaganaH is battle tested by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and continually updated making it the most improved system available today. You will learn HaganaH quickly.
Texas concealed handgun licensing classes
and post CHL training is now being taught in Austin by Robb Hamic. Classes are being held weekly and are taught at a very low student to teacher ratio.
Contact Mr. Hamic directly for appointment:
[email protected] or 512-284-0087.
Mr. Hamic is an acclaimed firearms instructor and
and teaches private citizens, law enforcement officers, instructors and military across the country and overseas. He writes articles and training columns for international firearms instructor's magazines and training journals. He has successfully competed in the NRA's National Police Shooting Championships.
Robb Hamic is a licensed Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor. He is a NRA Law Enforcement and civilian firearms instructor
for handgun, revolver, shotgun, rifle and patrol rifle. He is also a certified Haganah Israeli Combat Shooting Instructor and
teaches the same methods of gun deployment that are taught to the Israeli Defense Forces.
You can visit Mr. Hamic's self-defense website- for more information.
"I teach the Israeli Combat Shooting system to all of my clients regardless if they are civilian, military or law enforcement because it is instinctive and it works in stressful and violent encounters," says Robb Hamic, President of
Summit self-defense.
"I became frustrated with ineffective training being delivered to people that doesn't work in real life so I found what works and learned the system from its creator, Mike Lee Kanarek, Israeli Combat Veteran and fighting legend." Mr. Hamic is one of Mr. Kanarek's few distinguished instructors and receives all of his own training directly from Mr. Kanarek in Florida at the National Training Center.
Mr. Hamic specializes in teaching women's self-defense, woman's shooting a gun deployment. "Women use my system effectively. In fact, I find that women adapt more quickly to this training and preform at the same level as some of my best shooters, " says Hamic.
Robb is a former Sheriff's Deputy, Gulf War US Army Veteran and he has been in plenty of violent encounters, he brings this reality to his training and talks about use of force, post shooting issues, legal precautions and many other issues that are often overlooked by firearms instructors. All students gain something from his courses regardless of
previous experience or aptitude.
Mr. Hamic offers the Israeli Combat Shooting Course through DVD's on his company's website:
  1. Law Enforcement range training in Albuquerque, NM.
  2. Austin Police Department Firearms Instructor training in Austin, TX.
  3. Israeli tactical Knife fighting instructor, Robb Hamic, gives law enforcement knife awareness training.
  4. ICS involves stress.  I build up speed and confidence then start pushing students, which builds stress but they still perform under pressure.
  5. It was a rainy day in Texas!
  6. Israeli Combat Shooting (ICS) draw.
  7. ICS- "cock"
  8. ICS "shoot".  Students achieve 3 head shots from a full draw, cock and shoot in under 1.2 seconds.
  9. Indoor range training for women
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