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My Kahr P40 w/ extra 7 round magazine

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02-16-2009, 03:22 AM
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Ryan H

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  1. caldwelljoe
    Real nice gun, I have thought of buying the same. Costs a small fortune, Please post some first hand info? Recoil,how is the trigger,how does it react when shooting. Any problems with ammo? Would you recommend it to others?
  2. Ryan H
    Well, I bought it new when they were still fairly expensive, I paid $530 after taxes and background check. It is by far the most concealable pistol I own, it tucks away and disappears on my hip even with a tight fitted shirt and shorts in the hot Florida Panhandle. It is very lightweight and I often forget its on me until my seat belt buckle bumps it occasionally. I am a small guy, 5' 7" and 140 lbs so that says a lot for concealment!

    The trigger is glass smooth, the ONLY thing double action about it is the long pull it has. It feels to be around 6lbs with absolutely NO creep. It simply pulls smoothly rearward and clicks when you don't expect it which is great for punching holes in a target.

    The recoil is absolutely 100% manageable, having less than my full size Kimber 1911 in .45 ACP. I am able to double tap my papers at 25 yards when I take it to the range and hit within the 3 ring. The accuracy is unbelievable for a pistol of this size. I honestly have no major complains, however I will move onto the bad:

    When I first obtained it, I kept breaking followers in my magazines. Kahr sent me new ones free of charge and explained that they received a bad batch of polymer from their supplier. After about 3,000 rounds, the mags were falling out of the grip after every shot and landing on the ground. Kahr offered to send me the $3 part (magazine catch/spring assembly) and explained it is a 5 minute job to replace, but I wasn't comfortable taking things apart on my new, expensive pistol so they sent FedEx out and fixed it free of charge.

    Another ~1,000 rounds later, it had a problem with not going into full battery (the slide would not fully close on a chambered round). I found out some of the early model Kahrs had slide peening problems from the barrel hood slamming against the slide, deforming the top layer of metal. Kahr arranged for FedEx to pick it up again and sent it back in 2 weeks with two free $40 magazines, and an entire brand new top end (slide assembly, barrel, sights, etc).. it was basically a brand new gun with the updated fixes that put and end to the peening issue they had.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied. The downtime was bad but problems can be expected from any new firearm, and Kahr went above and beyond taking care of it. The new Kahrs aren't supposed to have any of the bugs that mine had to begin with as they have ironed all of these issues out.

    If you need any more info please feel free to ask!
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