Photo 4 of 5 from MY Toyz

Photo 4 of 5 from MY Toyz

My HiPoints...995 Carbine, C9, .45acp

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01-11-2009, 03:42 PM
MY Toyz
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  1. utimmer43
    Hey there,

    How are those Hi Points for reliability? Do you carry them?
  2. sambo42xa
    Sorry for getting back so late. Have'nt been on USA for you can tell.
    I do not carry any of them....too big, as Other would say. The 995 is Very reliable along with the C9. The .45 I had jam's BUT not alot. I followed the HP forum for awhile checking out the pro's and con's of them. People who do not own or have ever fired one always has something bad to say from what I took in. I do admit that they are ugly, big. But they carry a 100% Warranty with them, made in the USA, and a 2% return rate according to 2008-2009 statistics. Something happend to the gun, return it and it will be either repaired or replaced at NO CHARGE and NO SHIPPING charge. You could even be a third party and the warranty is still 100%. Yes, I would carry the C9 if my life depended on it but I chose not to because for what I use it for I needed something more compact. Accuracy was good too with the 995 and C9, the .45 was just too big, etc.
    The .45 was my very first gun and I paid I think $160., the C9 was $160. and the 995 was $230. with scope. These prices were back in 2007-2008. For the money they are a good gun along with a great Warranty. The 995 is a fun carbine to shoot. If you haven't yet shot a HP, I recommend you do if you get the chance. You May get some slurs from the folks shooting next to, but I bet their weapon will jam more times than the HP will. All in all, everyone is different. If I can purchase something within My budget, made in the USA and comes with a satisfied warranty I'm not going to knock it, but instead buy it! Let me know how you make out, good luck.
    NOTE: If you do a search on here "Hi Point", there should be a few comments from me on the HP, of course with Others saying they like or dislike them.
    Southern, NH
    cold/cloudy/snowing (not much accumilation right now)
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