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    What Do YOU want for Christmas?

    Well boys and girls it is that time of year again. Have you been naughty or nice? The reindeer are exercising to prepare for the long journey. The elves local 12-25 have agreed to extend their contract till after Christmas. And Im still recovering from broken ribs. Because the economy is so...
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    Trip To Israel

    :biggrin: Well people, several months ago a wealthy friend invited me to go with him to ISRAEL in his private jet. He has business there and I have been there before. This is a trip of a lifetime and especially since the trip is free. I will be there for only a few days but the price is...
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    Santa is back

    Ok ladies and gents Im back. I had a terrible lung infection (almost died) and couldnt even sit at the commputer. The coughing was so bad I cracked 3 ribs. It only hurts when I breath. I was wondering whats new on the site? And to those who wanted to sent me messages Im sorry I did not...
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    Non resident permit?

    While I live in Washington State I have a son who lives in Maine. As we all know looking at a map he MUST go through New York State to leave the Northeast. I noticed that on the USA Carry map New York State is a 'may issue to non-residents'. I thought New York State did NOT issue non-resident...
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    Taped to the refridgerator door,

    :eek: Children are you tired of your stupid parents? Act now! Move out. Get a job. Stay on a budget. Pay your own rent. Set your own alarm. Pay the dentist yourself. Do your own grocery shopping. Buy your own cell phone. Buy and fix your own car. Do your own laundry. Do your own...
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    Westboro to protest at childrens funeral.

    Here we go again. Westboro Baptist Church has announced that they intend to protest at the funeral for the Powell children this Saturday here in Washington. I would hate to see anyone start anything with this sorry bunch of cowards that call themselves Christian. They arent worth it. These...
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    I am thinking of getting a 30-30 lever action. I live in Eastern Washington State and was wondering about how the various brands stack up when compared to each other. I was also wondering what one would cost used in this area. Im not writting off a new one but these days money is tight. I did...
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    Camping in Eastern Washington State

    :smile: So where in Eastern Washington is your favorite camping spot when either car camping or backpacking? And what firearm(s) do you take and why. Im just curious because I currently live in Adams county and will be moving to Pend Oreille County in a couple of years.
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    Christmas is over but------

    Ok Christmas is over and Santa needs time off. The reindeer are happily munching away in the barn and as in the past Rudolphs' shiny snout came through. The elves union ratified their new contract for 2012. The sleigh needs a new paint job but that will wait. Some of you have asked how soon...
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    What do you want for Christmas? Dear Santa I want a---------------

    Well boys and girls its almost Christmas again. Times are tough even at the North Pole, but if you post here what you want and let your 'signifigant other' see your 'Dear Santa post' you still might get that new gift(gun). Such strategy also involves saying and doing nice things(sucking up)for...
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    30-30 Henry

    I am thinking about getting a 30-30 Henry lever action. And anyone have one for sale? The gun will be used for recreational shooting, not hunting. I have a Henry 22LR that I am very happy with, but have never owned a 30-30. Any thoughts?
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    Santa Plays Pool

    :pleasantry::pleasantry: A few days ago I was over at a friends house where several of us were playing pool. All of us were dead sober. One of my friends had brought his visiting brother who was a damn good at pool. Long story short I got roped into playing him. My friend warned him not to but...
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    Thinking of selling my 12 gauge

    I have a H+R Topper 12 gauge single shot with a recoil pad installed on it. I am thinking of selling it but am not sure what to ask. I also have about 40 shells with it. Any ideas anybody?
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    Thinking of selling a 38 special

    I have a Charter Arms 38 special "undercover' revolver which has a 2 inch barrel and holds 5 rounds. It is in good condition and is an ideal 'pocket gun'. I also have 150 rounds of factory ammunition. I need cash but am not sure what to ask. Any ideas anyone?
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    22 caliber double action revolver

    Does anyone know if any manufacturer makes a DOUBLE ACTION sub-compact 22 caliber revolver? Something that would easily fit in a pocket. I already have a North American Arms mini but its a single action and I want a DOUBLE ACTION. Ideas? My birthday is comming up and I need time to drop a few...